Dishwasher Dreams Is A Story of Love and Equality We Should All Be Dreaming.

The holidays are here. It’s that time of year when people worldwide believe that giving is better than receiving and sharing what we have with those less fortunate. When children dream of receiving gifts from Santa Claus and, unfortunately, parents, who are already struggling to make ends meet, stress over how to get their children the gifts of their dreams.

Writers Theatre is in the giving mood sharing with its audience a wonderful example of love while struggling to live in a country; many believe that the grass is greener and the ultimate place of freedom.

Writer and performer Alaudin Ullah will have you sitting on the edge of your seat with this mesmerizing true-to-life story detailing his father’s journey to America and his life-altering decision to defy what others believed. Ullah, a stand-up comedian whose family originated from Bangladesh, tells a riveting story about his difficulties while becoming a successful comedian.

The night begins with the audience serenaded by tabla percussionist Avirodh Sharma. Sharma remains on stage during the 90-minute play, providing soft musical interludes aiding Ullah.

Ullah talks about stereotypes and his early years where he desired to be more like Americans than represent his native culture. A story that spans decades of his father Habib, coming to America from a ship, arriving in New York, the home of democracy and freedom. Still, lower east side New York and Harlem were anything but paradise. Seeking a better life for his family, Habib forms a friendship with Sid, which helps develop his desire to succeed. You will need to see this play to learn Sid’s full name.

Habib also succeeded in being a dishwasher, owning a restaurant, but his hard work only benefited his investors. He returned to dishwashing with little to show for his efforts, never fully realizing his dreams. Ullah also shares stories of going to Yankee Stadium and seeing Mr. October, Reggie Jackson, and stories that will bring tears to your eyes as he vividly describes seeing his mother cry and the death of his cousin and father.

Then, still searching for his identity, he hears a comedian known as “The Dean of Counterculture and a social critic, George Carlin, which changes his life forever. Carlin provides Ullah’s direction to further his career, which brings us to Writers Theatre and this remarkable story of struggling to realize your dreams.

Alaudin Ullah, the first of many great South Asian comedians (Hasan Minhaj, Mindy Kaling, and Aziz Ansari), uses comedy to counter the misperception of others, focusing mainly on people of color, South Asians and Muslims.

Directed Chay Yew, who previously worked as Artistic Director of Victory Gardens Theater, brings his directing excellence to Writers. Yew, who has directed Cambodian Rock Band, Lettie and Oedipus El Rey, is brilliant in bringing stories to life.

At the intro of Dishwasher Dreams, the audience is urged to participate. There was laughter throughout the play, but the message of acceptance reigned supreme. Ullah reminded us that Muslin didn’t come to America to be terrorists and that we are all just dishwashers seeking a better life.

Let’s Play Recommends Dishwasher Dreams at Writers Theatre. Get there before theaters are closed again.

Writers Theatre
Dishwasher Dreams
Written and performed by Alaudin Ullah
Directed by Chay Yew
December 9- January 16, 2022

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