Frozen Is A Wonderful Way For A Family To Enjoy The Holidays

The Broadway production of Frozen, which opened in March 2018, is a hit musical with music and lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, and a book by Jennifer Lee at The Cadillac Palace is a family holiday treat. From somewhere near the Scandinavian surrounds of Arendelle, the story centered around the relationship between two sisters, Elsa and Anna, princesses isolated in a kingdom ruled by their parents, King Agnarr and Queen Iduona.  

Fearing people will not understand her gift of creating ice and snow with her hands, her parents make her promise to keep it a secret. But while playing with Anna, her younger sister, who is full of energy, asked Elsa to use her gift to conjure up some snow. So, wanting to please her little sister, she whisks her hands but accidentally strikes Anna, freezing her body. However, Anna is saved by Pabbie, a wise, elderly, mysterious troll with magical powers. Unfortunately, they are isolated from each other, and as the years go by, and with Elsa still unable to control her powers, we see the sister grow in age and apart. 

When their parents die in a tragic sea accident, Elsa comes of age to inherit the throne, and the kingdom opens for her coronation as Queen. Anna, thrilled to have people in the kingdom, meets Hans, the 13th son of a King, who becomes a power-hungry villain, seeking the kingdom charms his way into Anna’s heart. Anna and Hans have a love at first sight moment, bringing wishes of marriage; however, when Anna and Hans approach Elsa with the news, she vehemently disapproves. The fear of losing her sister brings out uncontrollable powers, which frightens the people inside the kingdom. 

They are persuaded to believe that Elsa is a monster after she inadvertently causes the kingdom to become frozen in eternal winter and nearly kills her sister. Fearing that she may one day hurt someone, Elsa is forced to leave the kingdom, and she sacrifices her love for her sister and lives in solitude. Anna, who hasn’t seen her sister in years, refuses to live another day without her, decides to go after Elsa. She meets up with Kristoff, an ice-seller, and his reindeer, who tells her the entire area of the kingdom is frozen, and she learns only the power of true love can save them.    

Produced by Disney Theatrical Productions, under the direction of Thomas Schumacher, the adaptation of Frozen from the stage scenery vibrates blue ice sculptures, saturated with fog to simulate ice beautifully, illustrating how much time and effort Disney placed into making this production look amazing. The perfection of costumes, the kingdom, and ice bridge, the life-like reindeer, Sven, and even the animation of Olaf, are why Disney is second to none when bringing musicals to life. But it’s the special effects that will bring excitement into every little kid’s eyes as they witness such astonishing effects when ice freezes Anna and her companions.   

The performances of young Elsa and Anna, played by Natalia Artigas and Olivia Jones, were adorable. The real sister-act of Natalie Grace Chan performs the alternating roles as Young Elsa and Victoria Hope Chan as Young Anna. These amazing little actors set the stage for an enchanted evening of fun that makes kids’ dreams come true, if only for two hours. Disney’s two leading Caroline’s are returning to the roles on stage as Elsa and Anna. Coming out their last national touring production of Frozen in December 2019, Caroline Bowman, who toured with the musical Fame in China and performed as Rizzo in Grease in Turkey, is almost ten years older than the original Frozen, Elsa; who was twenty-one. However, Bowman was positively delightful. 

Caroline Innerbichler, whose performance on stage started in Eagan High School as part of the orphan ensemble in Annie, started touring nationally in the production of The Prince and the Pauper after playing Pippi Longstocking as Annika. Innerbichler’s was perfect as Anna, the naive kid sister of Elsa. Her enthusiastic nature shines on stage as Anna, bringing joy that will surely spark a light in every little girl’s heart in the night that dreams about being on stage. 

Also returning from to 2019 tour of Frozen is Mason Reeves as Kristoff. Kids will also love Reeves as Kristoff and his relationship with Sven, the reindeer. And even though we learned the production wanted the actor, F Micheal Haynes, visible as Olaf, we think covering the actor or making a complete costume of Olaf, allowing the cartoon animation to stand out, would amaze children even more with this play. 

With original songs like “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?,” “The First Time In Forever,” and the iconic “Let It Go,” this Broadway In Chicago production is sure to please. Frozen is an enchanting love story of a sisterly bond that will thaw the heart of anyone who doesn’t believe that love conquers all.   

Let’s Play Highly Recommends Frozen at The Cadillac Theatre.

Cadillac Palace

Frozen: The Hit Broadway Musical

Book by Jennifer Lee

Music and Lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez

Directed by Michael Grandage

November 19, 2021 – January 22, 2022

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