CHICAGO MAGIC LOUNGE, Nick Diffatte: Offbeat is a little off but still a good night of comedy & magic.

The magic mystery is back in the Windy City with the Chicago Magic Lounge featured act, Nick Diffatte. Dedicated to the art of sleight-of-hand magical arts, CML is purposely tucked far away from the tourist-heavy- River North area and conveniently located south of the Andersonville high-rent district. This unassuming building, located at 5050 North Clark, magically transforms into a mini bar where the first magician greets the guest; however, to get there, you will have to go through the secret entrance of the fake laundry room.

The illusion of the building is just a part of the delight audiences receive once they enter. With libations, laughter, and a quick sleight of hand, the fun is endless. The former commercial laundry space has another trick up its sleeves as the audience proceeds to the main stage, which we will not divulge.

Co-Owner, CEO Joseph (Joey) Cranford has a plethora of knowledge regarding the history of magic and Chicago. We also had the pleasure to see once again the beautiful, charming, and gracious Cyndi Cranford, who greeted and escorted us to the main show.

The featured magician is Nick Diffatte. Offbeat is a comedic magic performance filled with dry humor, quick wit, and Nick’s eccentric talents. Nick is a naturally funny guy, and his humor on stage is contagious. The night we were there, he was battling a tooth issue but still had the crowd laughing and amazed with his magic. One trick involving a ring from an audience seems to find its way on one of Nick’s toes, thrilled the guest but not some much the young lady sitting next to us; who wasn’t too excited about putting it back on her finger.

Nick was a little off that night but bravely followed the performer’s idiom of the show must go on, so we gave him a pass with the tooth pain he was experiencing. Unfortunately, his comic relief guest, wearing a Chicago Magic Lounge t-shirt, almost ruined
the night with his desire to be more than a typical audience on stage.

The comedy and magic that Nick Diffatte performs aren’t new, being mastered by greats like Penn & Teller, but he has perfected a unique style that has landed him awards and comedy ventures across the world. His combination of comedy and magic is a treat that we believe you and your friends will enjoy.

Let’s Play Recommends Nick Diffatte, Offbeat at the Chicago Magic Lounge.

Chicago Magic Lounge
5050 North Clark St., Chicago, IL 60640

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