The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made At The Second City has a few holes but it's still a fun night.

Comedy has always been about being humorous to provoke laughter and The Second City is second to none when it comes to improv and stand-up comedy. Its unique blend of talented comedians with well-planed jokes and skits can make the worst of days end happily-ever-after. In its typical, slap in the face, current events improv poking fun at anyone and everything, the 45th e.t.c. Revue, The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made, The Second City opened its doors to the audience to choose their comedy adventure by allowing them to add their suggestions into the improvisation. 

From God to goodbyes, gender reveal issues, aliens providing better healthcare, to fight club and even tackling sexual awareness and acceptance. There is nothing off limits here, and comedy should be able to poke holes playfully, without judgment. Comedy is our political voice tackling vital issues with laughter, asking where our common sense, decency, love, and compassion, and The Second City masterfully provides that voice, mingled with sarcastic humor and the comedic hysteric we need. Sure, some of the jokes may not appeal to everyone, but life doesn’t ever. Overall, we should laugh at our shortcomings and listen to their perspective through comedy.  

With that said, The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made, directed by Frank Caeti and performed and written by returning ensemble members, has a few holes in this improv that missed the mark. 

Exploring our choices, decisions, and how we look into the broken windows from stones we have thrown at others, this improv brings you into the arena of the emotional impact our lives have on ourselves and others. Still, the timing in several skits was off, causing the audience to miss the punchline. All of the comedians featured on stage are amusing; however, skit’ choices somewhat limit their talents to where the jokes didn’t click. And there were some witty comedy sketches. 

Some of the lackluster timing that night could have been due to the terrible suggestions provided by the audience; however, good improv works around this and still bring out the joke. You can see and feel that this affected the comedians, and the occasional dead silence permeated the audience; however, they managed to hit several oneliners that saved the rough segments. 

We wanted to see them have more fun through the awkward moments, similar to the improvisation of The Carol Burnett Show. Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, and Vicki Lawernce could climb their way out of any off-timing through improvisation. We would have loved to have witnessed the comedian use his lack of knowledge when one of the guests threw out a name, Ina Garten. Most of the audience didn’t know her; however, this was a golden moment for improvising. “Who The Hell Is That; and have fun with it as he brought it back into the skit; instead of capitulating. Comedy improv should and sometimes need to go off-script to get the lackluster or out-of-touch audience into the improvisation.    

There was a moment where an actor touched that silver lining of improv when Laurel Krabacher played the overly talkative repairman walking towards the door. It reminded us of Tim Conway as The Oldest Man, which is a classic. 

The Best Decision You’re Ever Made doesn’t live up to She The People, Girlfriend’s Guideline To Sisters Doing It Themselves. However, because the ensemble members are talented, audiences will still have a great time laughing during this two-hour improvisational comedy.   

Let’s Play Somewhat recommends, The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made. 

The Second City 

The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made 

Directed by Frank Caeti 

Written and performed by returning ensemble members

October 28 – December 31, 2021

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