The Secret of My Success is a Musical Hit!

85169759_10157989188421322_220731627905482752_nFresh off his success from the 1985 movie, Back To The Future, Michael J Fox was chosen to play the lead role of Brantley Foster/Carlton Whitfield. When film critic Roger Ebert reviewed The Secret of My Success, he said it was trapped in some kind of time warp, referring to Fox’s previous movie. The film went on to gross $66 million in 1987 and stayed at the No. 1 movie for five weeks.   

Paramount Theatre takes a crack at this film in their world premiere of The Secret of My Success, A New Musical. Directed by Gordon Greenberg, The Secret of My Success is a smash hit! It’s a thrilling sensational story about doing whatever it takes to be successful.  

Paramount changes the storyline to where a young man named Brantley Foster leaves his midwest home and move to the Big Apple, New York City. As he walks into the corporation where his childhood idol, Piers Johnson, works, he’s met by a young lady that hands him a pink slip, terminating his dream job. 

84579087_10157989189036322_1680178402897690624_nWith no job, he comes back to the corporation and talks his way into a temp position, which leads him to a scheme utilizing the identity Carlton Whitfield, a Jr., analyst whose wife recently gave birth to a child. Brantley is a smart and witty colleague who has the whole office up in arms, trying to figure out how this unknown gent is making such headway. As Brantley walks the tightrope of his stolen identity, he falls in love with Christy Lockhart, a beautiful colleague who also works at the company. Christy, a polished Jr. Analyst worries that if she doesn’t show Piers, her boss, that she can do the same job as the men, she will lose out of being promoted. As she falls for Brantley, he worries that his cunningness will backfire if Christy learns he’s not honest with her. With love in the air, Brantley is also troubled about saving his hometown factory where is mom works from closing. 

Paramount Theatre can proudly poke out their theatrical chest with this spectacular musical, The Secrets of My Success. From the brilliance of the music and lyrics from Michael Mahler and Alan Schmuckler, the choreographer from Amber Mak, and orchestrator from Charlie Rosen and costume designer from Mara Blumenfeld, this play is a masterpiece of fun.

85094392_10157989188566322_897418122120658944_nBilly Harrigan Tighe was magnificent in his debut at Paramount Theatre as Brantley Foster/Carlton Whitfield. Tighe, who recently starred in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella as Topher, brings the Michael J Fox magic to this play. Sydney Morton is equally as brilliant as Christy Lockhart, the smart, beautiful corporate co-worker who catches the eye of young Brantley Foster. Morton is just recently joined the cast in January, was perfect as Christy, and the chemistry with Tighe made for a night of enchanted theater magic. 

Heidi Kettenring as Vera Prescott, who recently played in Goodman Theatre, The Music Man and Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire’s Footloose and Jeremy Peter Johnson, as Piers Johnson who played Axel Hammond in The Nerd at Milwaukee Repertory Theater, 

Quadracci Powerhouse Theater were both captivating and provided enraptured performances. Kai Edgar, as Ernie Lockhart, made his debut at Paramount starred in Oliver Twist as Oliver at Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire. Other notable performances were Ian Michael Stuart, Barbara Robertson, Gabriel Ruiz, and Sara Sevigny.

The Secret of My Success brings engaging songs like “I Got This,” HiddenValue, I Think I Like You and A Ferry Ride and a refreshing and revitalizing look at an enjoyable story from the past.

Let’s Play “Highly Recommends,” The Secret of My Success at Paramount Theatre.

Paramount Theatre presents 

The Secret To My Success

Book by Gordon Greenberg & Steve Rosen

Music and Lyrics by Michael Mahler & Alan Schmuckler

Directed by Gordon Greenberg

February 12 – March 29, 2020


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