Friends! The Musical Parody will bring back fond memories

It’s been 15 years since the last episode of the hit TV series “Friends,” but don’t tell that to the packed house at Broadway Playhouse. The iconic show, featuring an ensemble cast starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer, can still be seen worldwide and also here in Chicago in the North American Tour “Friends!,” The Musical Parody. This wacky group of Central Perk comrades is a slap-stick joke a minute and sure to keep those die-hard fans running home to see their favorite character. Tobly and Bob McSmith, known for their hilarious parody musicals like Bayside, 90210, Full House and Katdashians Break The Musical, brings to the stage another funny, in-your-face parody that is sure to keep up entertained.

The show opens up with the Friends theme song and opens with Season 1, episode 1 pilot, where Rachel runs away from her wedding. The Parody crams in all 10 years in the two-hour musical, and with the music of renowned composer, orchestrator, and arranger Assaf Gleizner the audience will sing alone the Friends songs of “How You Doin?, Will They or Won’t They and Oh, my God, It’s Janice.”


And speaking of Janice, Chandler’s one-time girlfriend appears on stage done brilliantly by Aaron C Rutherford; who also played Ross, new friend Marcel the chimp. References are made to the many boyfriends of Monica, and even Tom Selleck, Dr. Richard Burke (played again by Rutherford) made an appearance. Dedicated fans of the successful sitcom will be able to identify the inferences and playful shots made regarding each Friends characters.


Sami Griffifth (Rachel) and Maggie McMeans (Monica) looked identical to their characters and Madison Fuller as Phoebe was spot-on. Tyler Fromson (Ross) and Domenic Servidio (Joey) rounded out a terrific cast. Each player captures the essence of their television counterparts and the season to season comical references are fun-loving and well-crafted with outrageous lines, lyrics and song parodies that provide satisfying performances all around.


Friends, The Musical Parody will bring a happy reminisced laughter to your soul and make you glad to revisit Central Perk, and it’s well-loved pals named Ross, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, and Rachel.

Let’s Play recommends “Friends! The Musical Parody at Broadway Playhouse.

Broadway Playhouse AT WATER TOWER PLACE
Book & Lyrics: Bob & Tobly McSmith
Music & Orchestrations: Assaf Gleizner
Directed by Tim Drucker
Now through March 3, 2019

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