tourtrolleys5x7Created in 1991, by two men from the United Kingdom, Stomp demonstrated how performers using a variety of everyday objects as percussion instruments could provide a unique sound in their shows. Steve McNicholas and Luke Cresswell, known as the creators of Stomp, first worked together in 1981 as members of the street band Pookiesnackenburger; which performed a series of street comedy musicals at the Edinburgh Festival.  

Broadway In Chicago’s bring to their Playhouse, Water Tower theater, Stomp; an international percussion sensation for a limited engagement to Chicago. This musical extravaganza and precision movements have been wowing audience for more than three decades and theaters all over the world and this tour of a unique blend of rhythm, movements, comedy, and dance at the Playhouse lives up to the hype. Using the most ordinary objects like plastic bags, brooms, trashcan lids, newspapers and amazingly even the kitchen sink, Stomp brings out the creativity in any child.

Stomp will bring back the pure imagination in your kids; the time when you could have fun playing with anything.

tourwalkers5x7Your children will have excitement written on their face as you bring them to this holiday treat where mind-blowing reverberations of clinks and clanks are brought to life in the most unusual ways. This phenomenal performance has been selling out throughout all of its tours and the theater was packed the night we attended and the audience was amazed and thoroughly into each act and performance. The excitement to see what they would perform next and with what extraordinary item they would use had most of the audience an awe.

The performers in Stomp even use shopping carts; however, one of our favored performances was when they came in with the big garbage cans with other performers swinging in the air beating on various steel and metal items like a tire rim to make music. It’s amazing.

This show that has received rave reviews, awards included an Emmy and Academy Award nominations and won an Emmy for Stomp Out Loud an Obie Award and a Drama Desk Award for Most Unique Theatre Experience is a holiday Christmas gift you have to give to  your kids; and it will be a wish list gift for you.     

With performances from around the world and with brilliant and artistic skills, such as urban dance, Hip-Hop and being a part of Step Afrika and being a professional dancer and choreographer their electric energy will bring out the kid in you and make you remember the days when having fun meant exploring outside and making up a fantasy world where your mind can soar and be and do anything.   

tourdonuts5x7Stomp’s international tour reaches audiences in the Netherlands, Germany, India, Italy, Australia and New Zealand and France and in 2018 performed in China. It’s popularity even reached into the children world of  Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood in 1995 and on Cartoon Network via an interview by superhero Space Ghost in 1996 and of Sesame Street with the Muppets during a “Let’s Make Music special.

The creators of Stomp made the decision earlier this year to end the London show performance after a 15 year run in January. After breaking two box office records at London’s Ambassadors Theatre in 2015, show’s creators, Luke Cresswell, and Steve McNicholas announced that the London show would end, but is this the beginning of the end of Stomp? Will they stop performing around the world? The short answer is no. Cresswell and McNicholas made it clear that Stomp is only taking a break to reconfigure and reinvent itself and return to delight London audiences with a different venue. Good news for all Stomp fans and future fans of this joyful, witty cast of high energy and entertaining performers around the world.

Let’s Play ‘Highly Recommends’ seeing Stomp at The Water Tower Playhouse.

Broadway Playhouse

At Water Tower Place Presents


Created and Directed by Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas

December 5-30th


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