All My Sons

Moral and Legal Responsibility

download-3All My Sons is an award-winning play written by Arthur Miller. It is as powerful as it is haunting and it can be summed up as the sins of one man’s unsettling past crashing down before him. In this enthralling production of tragedy and trauma, we hear about a catastrophic situation that occurred during one of the most significant events in human history, World War II.  

 We learn that doing what is morally and legally right can often become very blurred when a decision has been made that had affected others. Imprisoned within the mind where you vindicated yourself of the wrong choice can catapult you into a life of denial; especially when you justified your actions claiming that you did it for your family.

All My Sons is based around a local businessman and manufacturer by the name of Joe Keller (John Judd) who has developed a very unpleasant relationship with his business partner and neighbor Steve Deever. After dealing with a previous catastrophe with Joe who placed him in prison due to the loss of many men who will never return home from combat because Joe was more concerned about the loss of money than the loss of lives.  

This riveting three-act play is set in a small town three years after World War II. It opens up after a storm had passed the previous night, where Joe Keller and Jim Bayliss (Karl Hamilton), a doctor, and his neighbor is talking in Keller’s backyard. An apple tree has fallen to memorialize Joe Keller’s son Larry Keller one of two Keller children and the son who did not survive the war. 

 download-5Despite the surrounding circumstances that have caused a division between the two business partners, love blossoms between Joe’s son Chris (Timothy Edward Kane) and his partner’s daughter Ann Deever (Heidi Kettenring). Ann who was once in love with Joe’s other son Larry.

 Kate Keller, (Kate Collins) Joe’s wife and mother of Larry would love to be frozen in time. She chooses not to accept the truth and live in denial that her son Larry will one day come back home from the war. Accepting the truth is more frightening than her illusion of his life because she must come to grips with her husband Joe’s decision that caused the death of twenty-one pilots and one of could be her son. She must also accept the fact that her son Chris Keller (Timothy Edward Kane) has decided to marry his brother’s ex-fiancé; Ann.

George (Dan Waller) has a stoic approach of an iceberg to the Titanic; barring toward Joe ready to destroy. He is coming to intercede on behalf of his father Steve Deever to get the truth and stop his sister from marrying into the Keller family with Chris being the only person unknowingly about to learn a truth about his father that he never wanted to admit.

 Joe, on the other hand, has to live with the resentment of his neighbors smiling in his face but inside they hate him for the propaganda he continues to tell due to his greed to succeed in the post-war boom. This profound lie that was profited from wartime fraud by knowingly shipping damaged aircraft engine cylinder heads (for Curtiss P-40 Warhawks) from his factory to the military.

 The drama truly begins with his partner son, George comes to town after seeing his father determined to speak download-2to Joe about what truly happened.  The climax where the truth is about to be revealed is powerful and will pull you into the storyline like you are reliving this sad saga of lies and civic betrayal. 

 Director Charles Newell approach to this classic play of deceptions and lies is nothing short of tremendous and the timing of the characters is exceptional. Timothy Edward Kane has shown his theatrical, dramatic range in this play we must say “Bravo” to John Judd for given us a masterful performance and Kate Collins is phenomenal.

 Let’s Play highly recommends this play.

 The cast includes:

 Kate Collins (Kate Keller)

John Judd (Joe Keller)

Timothy Edward Kane (Chris Keller)

Heidi Kettenring (Ann Deever)

Bradford R. Lund (Frank Lubey)

Johanna McKenzie Miller (Sue Bayliss)

Abby Pierce (Lydia Lubey)

Dan Waller (George Deever)

Alternating in the role of Bert are Charlie Herman and Gabe Korzatkowski.


Court Theatre continues the 63rd Season with

All My Sons

By Arthur Miller

Directed by Artistic Director Charles Newell

January 11 – February 11, 2018


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