Someday when we have money...

img_2632Back when I had a full-time job I used to occasionally buy a lottery ticket. And while I was waiting for my numbers to somehow magically come up, I would daydream about what I’d do if I actually won. My most extravagant desire was to have a big party (after we’d fixed up our house and added a new garage with a deck). We’d fly all our friends and family to town and rent out every airbnb in the neighborhood for a long weekend. We’d throw a party in our little home all weekend long without worry.

That was when we had two incomes to live on.

I quit my last job. That took a bite out of our income, but it saved my sanity (if not my life). Dealing with a stressful job and a hectic homelife takes a toll. It’s been several years now. My health is back on track (physically and mentally). And despite constant financial stress, I don’t find myself feeling anxious about money or our future.

But these days, instead of daydreaming about winning the lottery… I daydream about having just a little more money. Maybe a salary… a job with benefits… Ahhhhhh…

And my desires aren’t so extravagant. Oh, if we had some savings we could hire an actual plumber instead of living with a leaky faucet or risk doing repairs on my own. I’d get someone to trim the trees… and clean the gutters… and fix the front steps… and then the back steps, too. And if, after all the repairs, we still had money left… oh boy! My husband would get the new sofa he’s been wanting! I could go shopping for clothes that fit! We could sod the yard! With enough money we could actually <gulp> build a new garage (probably not one with a deck, though).

And that party can still happen, though perhaps on a smaller scale. And even if it doesn’t happen in my lifetime, it’ll make for a pretty nice funeral.

Our humble garage

Our humble garage


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