Stop saying you're "broke" when you really just have a tight budget

Hello all you lovely people in pseudo quarantine! I’m here to express my continuing frustration in having to read some of you complain on social media about your finances, day-in-day-out, with phrases like, “We can’t afford that” and “We’re broke”. Now the great majority of you saying these things aren’t actually hurting for money at... Read more »

How cleaning out the junk drawer can fix your life

How cleaning out the junk drawer can fix your life
Thinking of hanging a valentine decoration on my window this afternoon, I went searching for one of those little suction cup hanger thingies… the kind you get for a dangly little decoration that you might want to hang in a window on a car. Now, if this item was in my possession, it would almost... Read more »

My less than perfect life

Another one of the drafts that I need to edit and finish… Here it is for you now, in the raw I guess I imagined by now I’d have it all figured out. I thought I’d be like everyone else who grew up with my privileges (white, upper middle class).  But instead of living the... Read more »

In the event of my demise...

It’s been nearly exactly a year since I last blogged here. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, but rather that I have too much to say and have had trouble sorting out what is appropriate and inappropriate. As I try to figure that out, I thought I’d dig around my drafts to... Read more »

I was 18. A drama in two acts. - Epilogue. Healing

This follows the last segment of I was 18. A drama in two acts. – Act II. The post that never appeared . While I was in the eating disorder unit, and my friend come boyfriend went back to friend status, as I say, I lost it. I fell into depression. Nevertheless, my insurance was running... Read more »

I was 18. A drama in two acts. Act II - The post that never appeared.

Quite a while ago I wrote a post that stood on its own I was 18. A drama in two acts. Act I. While I fully intended to write a follow up post…it has not been forthcoming. That first post dealt with a sexual assault that happened to me as a freshman in college. It was not... Read more »

I was 18. A drama in two acts. Act I. - The Event

Act I Trouble surrounded me like the dust that circulates around PigPen. It wasn’t that I instigated things. I was a product of my environment and did what I could to get by. And please don’t feel sorry for me, I was a rich kid with rich kid problems. I was smart, but didn’t have... Read more »

Someday when we have money...

Back when I had a full-time job I used to occasionally buy a lottery ticket. And while I was waiting for my numbers to somehow magically come up, I would daydream about what I’d do if I actually won. My most extravagant desire was to have a big party (after we’d fixed up our house and added a new... Read more »

Welcome back that old friend. Life is short... connections are meaningful.

We all know someone who falls off the radar for a time. For some of us, we ARE that someone. Take me, for example. I haven’t posted much lately. Yet here I am… coming back like a bad penny (seriously, what makes for a bad penny? Every penny is worth exactly the same.) Your friend... Read more »

Don't stop at one day. And don't stop with your Mom.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, as I’m sure you know. And while you’re out shopping for that perfect Hallmark card and the ideal bouquet to tell your mother (or wife or whomever) how much you love and care about them, I ask you to take a moment to ponder all the other mothers in your life... Read more »