A Report Reveals: One Million African Americans Identify As LGBT

A Report Reveals: One Million African Americans Identify As LGBT

I love to hear our numbers are growing. It’s like gay Christmas!

A new report is shedding light on the growing number of individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in the black community.

According to a recent study, there are more than one million African-American LGBT adults in the U.S. Of those individuals, 84,000 are in same-sex households with about 34 percent of couples raising children. These numbers come about a year after a Gallup report that found African-Americans make up the largest share of the LGBT community.

This is fantastic news because I feel like LGBT African Americans are now saying, very bluntly, I don’t care anymore what my family or friends think, I’m gay…like, really gay!

While acceptance among African Americans, in general, I believe, are in low numbers, this study shows that self-acceptance amongst  LGBT African Americans are becoming more and more confident. I feel like we just don’t care anymore about what our parents think or feel about homosexuality. We don’t need their acceptance.

The report highlights some key findings, including the fact that 58 percent of African-American LGBT couples are female, and the economic challenges many LGBT African-Americans face. I know this may be extremely bias to say but I think lesbian Black women have it a lot easier in embracing their sexuality than gay men. Some heterosexual African American men consider lesbians as exotic – a rare fruit even.

The study also highlighted a prevalence of interracial relationships, a trend that is on the rise nationally for heterosexual couples. According to its findings, 47 percent of same sex couples with one African-American partner feature another partner of another race.And, it’s ironic that a significant amount of LGBT African-American individuals live in regions that have a high population of black residents but have yet to pass laws that protect the LGBT community.

And, perhaps, with this new study “being on the Downlow” may bring this phrase to past.  Let’s hope!

Alright, I got a million people behind me – we’re ready to fight for justice!

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