Uganda's "Kill The Gays" Bill is a Hot Mess

Uganda's "Kill The Gays" Bill is a Hot Mess
People protest against Uganda's proposed anti-homosexuality bill in New York on Nov 19, 2009.

I don’t think I will ever understand the fact that homosexuality is illegal in many  parts of the world; specifically, many African countries. It’s incomprehensible.

Well, Uganda will officially pass the ‘Kill The Gays’ bill at the end of this year despite international criticism. Speaker Rebecca Kadaga said the anti-gay bill will become law by December since most Ugandans ‘are demanding it.’

I can’t honestly believe this is what the people of Uganda want.

The Anti-Homosexuality or “Kill the Gays” bill calls for the death penalty in cases of “aggravated homosexuality,” for engaging in same-sex relations with someone who is HIV positive, and life imprisonment for having sex with someone of the same sex. The bill would also make same-sex marriage and officiating at such a ceremony criminal offenses. WTF?

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga told The Associated Press that Ugandans “are demanding it,” she said, reiterating a promise she made before a meeting on Friday of anti-gay activists who spoke of “the serious threat” posed by homosexuals to Uganda’s children. Some Christian clerics at the meeting in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, asked the speaker to pass the law as “a Christmas gift.” This is exactly what enrages me…when Christian groups/organization come to a country to make them believe, or enforce, their views on their people. Something is not genuinely right about this. This should not be okay.

Uganda’s penal code criminalizes homosexuality, but in 2009 a lawmaker with the ruling party said a stronger law was needed to protect Uganda’s children from homosexuals. Parliamentarian David Bahati charged at the time that wealthy homosexuals from the West were “recruiting” poor children into gay lifestyles with promises of money and a better life. Bahati believes his bill is sufficiently popular among lawmakers to pass without difficulty.

Gay rights activists in Uganda, and around the world, are opposing the bill, point out that it has helped their fight for equality by putting what used to be a taboo subject on the national agenda.

These people (savages, really) need a reality check.  I’m constantly wondering, ‘what can I do from Chicago? how can I, we, stop this inhumane treatment?’ Can our government really sit back and let this happen to the LGBT people in Uganda? I feel extremely helpless…If anyone knows any petitions, please let me know and I’ll post them on my blog.

Homosexuality is illegal in most African countries with the exception of South Africa, which recognizes gay marriage, but even there, anti-gay practices such as “corrective rapes” of lesbians, are commonplace.

The world is screwed up….seriously. And, if anyone thinks being gay is a choice, they’re wildly mistaken. No one would choose to live in a world that hates you.



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  • It is a terrible bill.

    However, I think in today's pluralistic world, where each and every culture is deemed to be just as good as the next, this is just something that the world will have to live with.

    It is no different than a woman being stoned to death for adultery in a strict Muslim country.

    I think the proper thought is to respect all cultures, and if Uganda's culture is wanting gay people killed, well, so be it. You have no right to interfere from Chicago or anywhere else.

    So it goes....

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Totally wrong, there are some things that are not right no matter where you live. If a culture said it's okay to rape, and murder anyone would you just say "Well it's their culture" There are some things where even if a person was raised in that society they will not be happy, live a horrible life because of it, or in this case is killed for doing something that is not hurting anyone. These are basic, universal human rights that are intrinsic part of a human's biology, mentality, and well being. People do not choose where they are born so it's not like if they don't like the laws they can just choose to move away. They have to grow up there, and then they would be faced with leaving their family, and friends. People don't choose their orientation either, so there will always be gay people there, and if this law continues they will keep being treated horribly there. The stoning women for adultery example was not a good example because they shouldn't be doing that there either.

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    In reply to Richard Davis:

    Mr. Davis, can you please watch this video in its entirety in response to your comment. The same message here can be applied to the issue in Uganda.

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    In reply to Richard Davis:


  • Butterfly, there are only the human rights that are assigned by government to the people, at least according to the now popular consent. There are no "unalienable" rights anymore. That idea totally is over with the 2012 election.

    I think it's horrible, what they want to do with gay people; however, according to how we think now, there is no rule of law but only the rule of man (or women).

    Each culture, according to academic thought and generally accepted by progressive thinking people everywhere, is that each and every culture is equal to another, so the gentleman above, despite his angst, has no business wanting to change and butt into another society.

    This is our world now. Rights come from man. There are no "rights of man". That's over.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I'm progressive, and don't know what you are talking about. It looks like you are trying to blame everything on the election. All morality doesn't change just because of elections, geeze. That's a very out there way of thinking. There are some things where no matter what if you do a certain thing to someone they are going to suffer. Reducing the suffering of humans as much as possible will always be an intrinsic part of human rights. It's a part of our biology, society, and just the human condition over all.

  • Everyone, thanks for your your comments.

    Richard Davis....oh, Richard! I don't agree with anything you're saying. Frankly, you sound like a person that has given up on humanity, life and love. Let me first say, I won't respect any culture that murders gays, women, or any human being because they think it's the "right thing to do." That's bullshit. And, if everyone had your mentality Richard, Apartheid would still be going on in South Africa, and who knows, slavery would still be happening in the States, and around the world. If it wasn't for someone butting into another society or minding their business, my culture, Blacks, might still be oppressed. So, I'm glad someone butted in and had the angst to change a society that they realized was not humane.

    Universal human rights are just that, universal.

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    In reply to Lenox Magee:

    I agree with pretty much everything you're saying with one exception. Slavery is still VERY alive today in the states and around the world.

  • In reply to Carla Hanson:

    Hi Carla, you're right...slavery is very much alive today...especially, sex slavery. Thanks for your comment!

  • In reply to Lenox Magee:

    Great post Lenox!

  • Per usual, I agree with everything Richard Davis says, and that's not just because he gets mad floozies on a regular basis.

    If you are against the persecution of homosexuals around the world then you better be ready to go against the majority of Islamic culture and society as well as many third world countries that dominate Africa. Are you ready to fight Islam and African countries? Are you ready to say to Islam and Africa that Western values are superior to theirs and they should live more like the West? Are you ready to tell Islam and Africa that their laws are backward and are not as progressive as the West? If you are, then I can join you in that fight.

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    In reply to gwill:

    Please check fact Religous usa scum bags put the idea in the minds of the government over there search the kill the gays bill it was all started in the usa and funding was from major companies in the usa including chik fil la

  • In reply to Summer Breeze:

    Interesting....I got to look into this.... thanks for the comment!

  • In reply to gwill:

    I'm sooooo ready, gwill! I'm ready for battle....who else is with us?

  • In reply to gwill:

    Gwill I've already been objecting to those Islamic countries for a long time. Yes what they do over there is horrible as well. It doesn't automatically mean war. They simply need to be educated, people need to talk about it, and keeping bring it to the attention of the people who live there.

  • I rarely read blogs -but I "stumbled" upon yours while musing what to post next. You write good, passionate stuff. Keep up the good work!

  • In reply to Margaret Bogenrief:

    Thanks, Margaret...that's very kind of you say; I'm very honored. Keep checking me out...

  • You people should first get your facts straight am a Ugandan and there has not been if any society from America that's forcing us to dislike gays it's just in our nature to know that it's a wrong practice according to our customs and beliefs and if you are to oppose that then you have alot to oppose say for example polygamy is acceptable in our culture and even in our constitution it is accepted under traditional marriage, kneeling before your parents and your elders etc. It's just in our cultural beliefs that homosexuality is un heard of infact a shame, abomination, disgrace to one's family and naturally that person would become an outcast in the society there is nothing my dear friend you can do from Chicago or even Uganda itself that can change our minds. The problem with you people is you believe your habits and cultures are the right ones and those who do not follow them are backward which is not true we also have our cultures and beliefs which we have to protect that truth is some gay organizations had started recruiting young Ugandans promising them money into their groups which is not right. Infact gay people will not be sentenced to life imprisonment but with or without this bill passing gay people will NEVER have a place in the Ugandan society and there is nothing even Obama can do about that because there is infact no politician in Uganda that can publically support the gays that should show their stand.

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