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The Real Gay Men of Atlanta

Is this the male version of Real Housewives?? . . Either way, I’m intrigued! Last month, around the net, a new reality show focusing on the gay black men of Atlanta-and their “down low” worlds – was in the works. And, it looks like it’s close to being a done deal.  Their official reel for... Read more »

Gay Black Men and Depression

I first learned of the documentary “You Are Alone,” from a website called Healthy Black Men – is an online health and lifestyle magazine for Black men.  The story that grabbed my attention was one that outlined gay black men and how they’re suffering from depression. Antoine B. Craigwell, author and filmmaker, wrote about... Read more »

Ebony Magazine Features A Lesbian Couple On Their List of Hot Couples in 2011

Ebony, a long-standing magazine that focuses on African-American issues, features a lesbian couple in its Black Love issue this month. The special Issue, with three different Covers (Hot Couples Issues), features partners Yanette L. Freeman and Willa Walker talked about how they met through mutual friends in 1998 and how they eventually became a couple,... Read more »

Gilt City Partners with Florence + The Machine for EXCLUSIVE Pre-Sale Tickets

If you’re like me and became a Florence + The Machine fan after hearing Florence perform at the Grammy’s, you definitely want to check her out when she’s in town this June. This scrappy young chanteuse has come a long way from her discovery in a London pub: her characteristically extravagant and lush lifestyle. Otherworldly... Read more »

Maven Presents the Divo Series: Honoring Successful Men

Last night at the House of Blues Foundation Room, the amazing, and quite beautiful, Sarah Vargo presented The Divo Series which honors influential men in Media, Marketing, Sports, Fashion, Fitness, Music, TV and much more! I must say that it feels good to be considered a Divo, even when sometimes I can be a Diva!... Read more »