Football Star Reggie Bush Wants You To Stop Using The Phrase "No Homo!"

The world seems to be changing in a very “accepting” direction. When major sports athletes stand up and defend gay rights, it makes me so proud.


New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush advised his Twitter
followers not to use the phrase “no homo” if it offends gay people.

reports that Bush first posed the question, “If someone says ‘no homo,’
is that offensive towards gay people?” before adding later, “I think if
the ‘no homo’ comment offends anybody then it’s most likely better left
unsaid along with other degrading words … thanks guys!”

Back in July, I dedicated an entire blog to The Offensive Phrase: No Homo and how it’s often used among hip-hoppers to indicate that a comment contained no homosexual intent, which , in fact, does imply negative feelings about being gay. Perhaps, Reggie Bush checked out my blog and found the insensitivity and offensiveness in using that phrase. We can learn alot from Reggie Bush’s courage. I’m sure as an athlete, in football, it couldn’t been easy for him to openly say that. I commend him.

Well done, Reggie Bush! I’m sure a lot of young people, and adults, that look up to you will change their mind about using that phrase ever again.

Well, Reggie, whenever you’re in Chicago next, dinner is on me… No Homo!

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