Bollywood's First Gay Kiss


This seems like a week of first in the entertainment world. First, FOX’s Show Glee shows its first gay kiss and, now, Bollywood showcases its first gay kiss in a new film, “Dunno Y … Na Jaane Kyun.”  It is the first movie in India to feature a male homosexual kiss. Dunno Y tells the story of a male
model who goes to Mumbai to make his fortune, and the sexual
relationship with another man that awaits him. “Dunno Y … Na Jaane Kyun”, which translates as ‘Don’t Know Why,” was
made last year after a High Court overturned a law outlawing
homosexuality. The full legalization of homosexuality is expected but
still must pass India’s Supreme Court.

The film is being touted as Bollywood’s answer to Brokeback Mountain  and will be released in Indian cinemas on Friday.

Although, my first male kiss didn’t receive this much attention in high school, I have to admit their is something very special about your first man on man kiss. The details of mine are a bit hazy because it was so long ago, but I do remember being elated, excited, scared, shocked and immediately in love, all at the same time – it was amazing. He was 15, I was 14. He was in the closest, I was out. He wore baggy clothes, I wore skinny jeans. It was a match made in heaven. To this day, I’m not even sure if it was a good kiss. Ironically, my very first kiss was with a girl. I know, I know, alert the Gay Authorities but it was a Truth or Dare game…I had to do it – no one wants to lose at Truth or Dare – it’s really embarrassing if you do. But, I wonder if the guy still remembers me?

Well, of course the film has been criticized by religious groups who say its subject matter is “against the order of nature”. BBC World’s Howard Johnson reports from Mumbai about the tension about one of India’s first homosexual onscreen kiss.

With the film due for release in May, posters for the film showing two naked men embracing have begun to be shown around Indian cities.

Suffice to say, I’m really glad these first gay kisses are getting so
much attention because it’s such an amazing experience. The world shouldn’t miss
out… Have you had your gay kiss today?  

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