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Happy Birthday, Windy City Times!

Today is a great day for the team at Windy City Media Group. After 25 years, the voice of the Windy City Times remains — a weekly reflection of life in Chicago’s gay community, a printed product that has followed the path of the gay rights movement and adapted to a changing media landscape. The Windy City... Read more »

Pastor CAUGHT - Bishop Eddie Long!

Remember when Oprah pledged on her show to catch child molesters from all over the country? Well, I’m taking a page from her book and I’m pledging to put Pastors on blast when they’re CAUGHT – caught molesting kids and caught GAY (Hi Ted Haggard!), only when they’re extremely homophobic publicly. Enter Bishop Eddie Long. Recently,... Read more »

Rev. James Meeks NOT for Mayor

Chicago’s anti-gay Mayoral hopeful Rev. James Meeks says that he will consider gay rights. The Chicago Democrat, in an interview with Fox Chicago, told the gay community not to worry because he’ll probably be too busy to mess with their domestic partnerships and employee benefits. “Now, if I were sitting around bored with nothing to do,... Read more »

NBC's "More 'Colorful'" Fall TV LineUp

NBC’s new slogan “more colorful” may prove to be a double entendre. Last night at Chicago’s Icon Theater, NBC treated guests to a special preview of two of their new Fall TV shows: “Undercover” starring Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw; “The Event” starring Blair Underwood and Jason Ritter. The two shows actually bring a more... Read more »

Even if you don't ask, I'm telling...

On Thursday, a federal judge in California did the absolute right thing. Judge Virginia A. Phillips ruled that the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy which bars openly gay and lesbian service members from serving in the military is unconstitutional. Democratic congressional leaders and gay rights groups met on Monday to discuss the possible repeal... Read more »

A Salute to Chicago's LGBT Veterans

According to the Urban Institute, more than 1 million lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender veterans are currently living in the United States. Veterans from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities were honored at “With Liberty and Justice For All” — the nation’s only municipally sponsored, military salute to LGBT veterans. It’s the City’s... Read more »

Bright lights, big TVs

Andrea Long, 25 (right), and her boyfriend, Darian Irving, 28, spend “as much time as we can” playing video games and watching TV, Irving said. *Brian J. Morowczynski Photos for RedEye Checkout my RedEye Debut: Bright lights, big TVs

US Poll Finds Changing Attitudes Toward Homosexuality

According to new national research, Americans have become more accepting of homosexuality during the past 16 years, with over half of those polled said they support civil unions. The Pew Research Centre’s new report, released in August and compiled from a selction of public studies done over the last 20 years, said support for same-sex... Read more »

The World's First Transvestite Magazine

It seems now the transvestite community is getting their voice out with a new publication. The magazine El Teje, which is published in the Argentine capital and presents itself as “the first transvestite publication in Latin America,” has been fighting the stigmatization of the trans community for nearly three years. Marlene Wayar, Director of El... Read more »

Gang Members Call A Press Conference: WTF?

Gang members themselves are the latest to come out against Police Supt. Jody Weis’ strategy to put pressure on them and curb gang violence. The self-described gang members held a news conference at the Columbus Park Refectory, on the city’s West Side. Gang members are also expected to attend another news conference today. They are... Read more »