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A Burlesque Show to Remember

The Burlesque women, and men, had plenty to show at the Murray Hill-emceed Superstars of Burlesque show at the Music Box Theatre. The raunchy variety show definitely kept the audience engaged and enamored. Well done ladies and gentlemen! You made this blogger blush more than once; tricks I think I could never learn to do.... Read more »

Lovefest 2010

The Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus (CBGMC) hosted its 6th Annual Lovefest Celebration on Sunday, August 29th at Jackson Park. The free event was designed to bring together the African-American LGBT community, more specifically gay and bisexual men, to bring awareness to health and wellness management. Hosted by Ms. Ruff n’ Stuff, one of the highlights of... Read more »

Independent Artists Making their Mark in Chicago

In the past, Independent artists had to struggle to get their music heard on a national level. That’s not the case anymore. Thanks to the internet, literally, anyone with talent, charisma and a musical flare can make a name for themselves. Enter Alicia ‘Ya Yah’ Townsend and The20Fours. Alicia ‘Ya Yah’ Townsend is no stranger to music. Actually, you might... Read more »

Lexus, I'm Listening!

Not only does Lexus sell amazing cars but they’re now hosting amazing listening parties. Last week, The Lexus Listening Lounge graced Chicago once again. The Lexus Listening Lounge is an national event series that allows people to not only check out the hottest Lexus car but the latest R&B recording artists. This year, the luxury car... Read more »

Lenox and the Second City on Chicagonow Radio

I had such a blast  chatting with Amy and Alex on Chicagonow Radio this morning. We talked about everything from why President Obama would make the perfect gay man to Dr. Laura Schlessinger using the N-word 11 times. It was so much fun! I wish I could see my new pals every week! In case... Read more »

Really, Dr. Laura? Really?

  Really, Dr. Laura? You used the n-word 11 TIMES while talking to Jade, or real name Nita Hanson, which is a BLACK woman, on air? Really? I mean, did you really think she was NAACP’ing you? Really?  And, did you really think no one would find out that you said the n-word 11 TIMES?... Read more »

A Burlesque Time

It seems that Burlesque stars are “in.”  So much so, there’s a Burlesque movie starring Kristen Bell, Christina Aguilera, and Cher star in “Burlesque,” a musical about a small-town girl who discovers a burlesque club in LA, set to premiere in November – which actually looks really good! But, in the meantime, Chicagoans can enjoy the Burlesque... Read more »

HomeMade Pizza Company Opening on Wells Street

Access to good pizza has never been a problem in Chicago, so it’s no surprise that Eric Fosse, owner of HomeMade Pizza, decided to bring his pizzeria gem to the Windy City. With more than 19 stores, and counting, in the city and its suburbs, HomeMade assembles, sells and delivers pizzas – but it doesn’t cook... Read more »

Chicagoans Split on Legalizing Gay Marriage: WTF?!?

Still on my high horse from the gay communities’ win of the Prop 8 judgment in California, I opened up the RedEye, and the first article that caught my attention was, “Poll: Chicago split on legalizing gay marriage.” My immediate response, ‘WTF?!?’ The overall opinion on legalizing same-sex marriage, when city respondents are factored in, is split: 42... Read more »

The Beauty of "Tocco"

The folks behind Follia have built a great new Italian hot spot in the Bucktown area called Tocco. Bruno Abate, owner, has truly made you feel like you’re in Italy having an amazing Italian dinner.  The garage door-style windows along the south wall will open onto a 100-seat patio. Art is integral to Abate’s vision for Tocco,... Read more »