Maui PhotographerMy name is Linda Fargano; I founded Legumes & Layettes to share insightful (or completely asinine) anecdotes on new motherhood. Ugh, I know another mom blog. My mothering skills are currently dependent on caffeine, pacifiers, and sound machines. The guinea pig is my son Nate and the terrified onlooker is my husband Daniel.

I am a stay-at-home mom whose skills include sub par cooking, averting vaccums/dusters, and ignoring my husband’s propensity for shows like the Walking Dead. I’ll occasionally spout out about healthy & stylish living, which serve as my distractions from 12-hour diaper changing shifts. Although I believe in reducing everyday chemicals found in your home, I won’t be posting “My Homemade Recipe for Deodorant” anytime soon.

Questions? Concerns?

Feel free to contact me via email: legumesandlayettes@gmail.com