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My Trip to the Maternity Store—Two Months Postpartum

One thing I eagerly anticipate after giving birth is not walking into a maternity store again for a very long time. When I was nine months pregnant with my daughter, Olivia, I shopped at the maternity store for tent-sized pajamas and I remember walking out in a state of euphoria. I figured that was my... Read more »

You’re Poisoning Your Fetus

You’re Poisoning Your Fetus
My main take-away from articles on pregnancy nutrition: if you eat processed food, you’re poisoning your fetus. Whoever authored these articles never experienced a pregnancy. Or she purposely omitted all her pregnancy related food transgressions. At least that’s what I tell myself because achieving health nut status while my hormones seethed was often too herculean... Read more »

First Time Moms-Go Take a Shower!

I feel compelled to unload some unsolicited advice on first time moms. After Nate was born I loathed parents of multiple children who condescend me with all their brilliant wisdom on the subject of parenting. Feel free to stop reading if you’re already annoyed. I’m warning you-this is important stuff. If you’re a first time... Read more »

My List of Investments for a Healthier 2017

After a year filled with change I am ready for 2017 and awaiting a much needed break from new transitions. Although 2016 was filled with many blessings for my family (a new home in the suburbs and a new family member) the presence of ongoing change stifled some of my passions and left me feeling... Read more »