Perform Random Acts of Kindness (in Your Own Home)

Perform Random Acts of Kindness (in Your Own Home)

There’s world-wide encouragement to perform random acts of kindness towards strangers. For example: hold the elevator door for someone; give a generous tip to an overworked employee; take off your gloves and give them to a stranger in need. The options for spreading kindness amongst strangers are endless.

Being a good samaritan and fostering kindness wherever you go is an awesome way to live. Especially in a world that seems devoid of kindness and generosity every time you turn on the news. But what about in our own homes? Not to say we’re unkind to those living under the same roof but sometimes we take those people for granted.

Since becoming a parent my time and energy has been diverted in a myriad of directions. Dan and I recently bulked up our workload by adding the process of selling our condo and moving to the suburbs. These days my blog site is barren and I’m scheduling time to brush my teeth.

Between our first year as parents and trying to get our condo “market ready,” Dan and I have bickered more in the past few months than the first two years of our relationship. When we were dating relationship stressors included what to wear on our date or choosing whose house will host dinner.

The process of getting married, sharing a home, and building a life together brings a lot more to the table. It’s an wonderful time filled with relationship joy and many disagreeable topics. Not to mention time previously spent focused on your spouse is spread thin with a million other tasks.

Regardless of whether you have children, long-term relationships go through periods of transition and stress. It’s important that when pulled in a million directions we remember to go out of our way and show loved ones some kindness and appreciation.

Throughout the condo selling/suburban home hunting/full-time mommy pressures I’m committing to one random act of kindness toward my husband on a daily basis. I want to recommit myself to showing love, appreciation, and care toward the most important person in my life (along with my son).

Examples of these small acts of kindness include: turning on the heated floor in our bathroom when I wake up with Nate so when Dan gets ready for work it’s warm during these brutal weeks of winter; putting together a lunch for him (like I used to pre-child); or grabbing his favorite snack when buying groceries.

After only a few days of consciously incorporating acts of kindness in our home I already feel fulfilled by doing something nice for my amazing husband who does many things for me. Small everyday gestures that only take a few minutes are doable long-term.

Keep being a good samaritan to strangers while out in public but don’t forget about the most important people residing under your own roof. Sometimes when life gets busy and balancing seems impossible we forget to say please and thank you to our own spouse.

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