Mealtime: Recommended Products for Babies/Toddlers

As your baby grows a bottle no longer constitutes mealtime. You start expanding the little one’s repertoire of food. It’s an exciting time but equally stressful & messy! Having the right bowl can prevent a massive mess on the dining room floor. Similarly the right bib can prevent turmoil to your baby’s clothes & high chair.

Majority of the feeding products I purchase are silicone or stainless steel. Silicone & stainless steel are almost always cited as safer options than plastic which leeches. Even though most plastics are now BPA-free, who knows when another plastic BPA-like panic will strike. There is no 100% safe option. Even some research is conflicting on whether silicone is truly safer but it’s definitely not worse. I follow the current recommendation which is stay away from plastic whenever possible.

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