I Won’t Accept Rude or Disruptive Behavior from My Children & You Don’t Have to Either

The featured article on Scary Mommy today is titled 7 Times You’re Not Entitled To Peace And Quiet Around My Child. As the title suggests the author discusses 7 places where people shouldn’t get pissed off if her child throws a fit or acts disruptive.

I’m pretty sure it was meant partially as a joke since she used phrases like: “Yeah, that’s my toddler crying and my preschooler throwing a shit fit about sitting in the aisle seat. Too damn bad. It’s not a vacation for me either, so suck it” and “If they give out crayons with the menu, you’re not entitled to a quiet meal.” Or my favorite passage:

How nice that you’re here to buy a gift for your lovely niece. My kid doesn’t give a crap. He’s gonna play hide-and-seek through the clothing racks and do pull-ups at the counter while simultaneously knocking things over and crying for everything in sight. If you don’t like it, order online.

Regardless of whether or not this article is meant to be a joke (I sincerely hope so); it made me reflect on what type of parent I want to be. Right now my son is a 7-month-old who is easy to take out in public without the reality of unruly behavior. In the near future he’ll present many more challenges for me and he’ll act like a loud, enthusiastic child. I’m not naive enough to think he will always listen to me but there will be consequences when he doesn’t.

Do I think children should sit quietly at a restaurant in the middle of the day like an adult? No. Do I think it’s OK for my child to actually disrupt other’s meals or throw noteworthy tantrums at a grocery store with the assertion you chose to come out in the daytime so this is what you should accept and expect from my children? Hell no.

I pledge to always correct my children if they are being rude or disruptive in public, no matter what time of day or where. Just because we are at a children’s store or a supermarket does not mean I expect you to watch my child run around the store knocking things off the shelf. If I somehow miss my son throwing something in the store, please mention it to me so I can correct him.

One of the reasons mom blogging is so great, it give us access to differing viewpoints. Other people’s viewpoints can help you become a better parent and force you to reflect on how you parent. In my case, today’s article featured on Scary Mommy gets the credit for helping me determine what type of parent I want to be when I’m out with my kids.

Whether it was meant to be taken as a joke or not this article showcased the exact mentality I’d like to avoid. I will commit to setting higher standards of behavior for my family, no matter what age. I’d be doing a disservice to my children if I taught them it’s OK to disturb others. That lesson will translate into them going to school and disrupting class without a second thought.

I know my children won’t be perfect and they will have a meltdown but I will shut it down or take them outside. I won’t accept rude or disruptive behavior from my children and you don’t have to either.

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