Brief Insights for New Parents: Take Videos!

Brief Insights for New Parents: Take Videos!
(FYI not a working video)

You’re probably thinking: no shit Sherlock but you’d be surprised the amount of stuff (and vital stuff) that fails to get done once you bring a newborn home. You forget showers, what day it is, your last meal…the list goes on. Your energy is drained and sometimes even clicking the “video” setting on an iphone seems like a herculean task.

Additionally, there’s the issue of not wanting to ruin a moment by inserting technology. I don’t want to be that parent (you see them in every movie with a video camera instead of a head) who views every milestone through a lens instead of being in the moment. Totally avoidable if you pick and chose when to capture it.

What makes a great video? Find some otherwise mellow or mundane moments and start a video just to have one. The other night, while exploring our Amazon cloud I stumbled upon a handful videos of newborn Nate. Dan and I had an amazing time watching back-to-back videos of our son in those first months of life.

Everyone says this stuff flies by: your wedding day, pregnancies (ha!), the birth (double ha!), and before you know it the little one’s entire childhood. Everyone is right! I treasure our wedding video since it felt like I barely experienced our wedding. I blinked and it was over. Same sentiment on Nate’s childhood thus far, it’s been a blur of blessings. When I watch the videos I have a chance to sit back and enjoy the experience without the head fog or postpartum pain.

Another tip, don’t make the videos all about your child. Watching your baby swing in silence is peaceful but the videos where Dan and I converse in the background were the most joy provoking. It’s engrossing listening to us discuss our newborn son, troubleshoot what was bothering him, the commentary in general is fascinating four months later.

Once you bring the little one home make sure to click your iphone video feature (or whatever) and capture some of the “behind the scenes” moments of you as a new parent. It’s a truly remarkable thing to look back on!

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