Pregnancy Feels Like a Bad Hangover

Pregnancy Feels Like a Bad Hangover

My first pregnancy experience can be summed up in one short sentence: it felt like a bad hangover that lasted for ten months (minus the actual drinking). Every woman has unique pregnancies, so hopefully other people felt glowy and didn’t have pregnancies like mine that closely mimicked the morning after.

I started off the pregnancy like a fun weekend in Vegas: excited, euphoric, and energetic. There’s nothing more joyful and exciting than a positive pregnancy test; especially if you’ve been trying for a while. Once the pregnancy starts to take a toll on your body (for me this took a week) the transition can leave you feeling like you’re back in college, hungover.

You feel bloated & gross: Remember those 3 am nights in college where the next morning you mastered the skill of solo pizza devouring & fighting the elastic band on your pair of sweatpants? That’s how I felt my entire first trimester.

You feel perpetually dehydrated & thirsty: There’s an uncomfortable feeling after a night of overindulgence where you’re dehydrated the next day no matter how much water you drink. You just retain water & feel thirsty at the same time. This describes my entire pregnancy. I carried 20 oz water bottles just to take my dog for a walk around the block.

The nausea is identical: The nausea you feel during pregnancy is unique from having a stomach flu. It’s the type of unrelenting nausea that never subsides, nothing can relieve it, and the sight of almost anything makes it worse (your husband drinking a beer, someone eating a vegetable, any smell). The only time I previously experienced this type of nausea was after a trip to Las Vegas in my 20s.

Misery inducing headaches: Pregnancy headaches are far worse than a sinus headache, they closely resemble a migraine just dialed down a couple notches. Whether you had one too many at a wedding the night before or you’re two months pregnant, they feel no different.

If acid reflux could kill you…The intense burning in your throat/chest coupled with the feeling your lunch is still halfway up, pretty much lasted my entire pregnancy. Alcohol may burn but pregnancy burns more.

Lethargy: Getting off the couch feels like an impossibility. You’re dragging, exhausted, & fighting the elements. I’ve been more productive the day after a bachelorette party than I ever was while pregnant.

The sight of alcohol makes you sick: I don’t know how people have one or two drinks during their pregnancy. I personally don’t give myself the OK to occasionally sip wine during pregnancy but even if I did I couldn’t! The sight of alcohol was totally unappealing. Similar to a late night out when you don’t go out for another month; the sight & smell of alcohol while pregnant was just plain nasty!

If your pregnancy is like mine: There will be a day when you can’t get out of sweatpants; netflix keeps asking if “you’re still watching”; and your coffee table is covered in tums, gatorade bottles, and empty containers of take-out. You’ll have a total déjà vu moment from your college days.

The crazy part: if I walk past someone that’s pregnant while holding my son I think to myself I miss that. Just as a bad morning after didn’t always deter me from going out again, the struggles of pregnancy won’t prevent me from wanting to have another baby and doing it all over again.

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