Non-Toxic Product of the Month: Attitude All Purpose Eco Cleaner

Non-Toxic Product of the Month: Attitude All Purpose Eco Cleaner


Water, alcohol denatured, lauryl glucoside, coco-glucoside, lavandula angustifola (lavender) oil, pure essential oil, citrus paradisi (grapefruit) oil

When you examine the ingredients in this product the only potential ingredients of concern are the lavender & grapefruit oil for possible allergies/skin irritations/respiratory effects. Just FYI– I obtain information on ingredient concerns through the EWG consumer guides (

Elements I love:

  • non greasy
  • no strong odor
  • cuts through grimy crap
  • “A” (least toxic) rating by the EWG
  • purchased easily through Amazon

Quick tip on finding less toxic alternatives in food & household/beauty products: Look at the ingredients! (I know…no shit Sherlock)

This is easier said than done! I used to feel like George in Seinfeld (talking to the bank teller)“You want me to roll six thousand of these?! What, should I quit my job?!” It can take days to figure out WTF anything on the product ingredient list means/is it potentially harmful? It’s extremely daunting without a PhD in chemistry.

Start by eliminating products right away if they have a long list of ingredients, as most often these products are more toxic. Avoid terrifying ingredient lists (example: a P.F. Chang frozen entree has more ingredients than the average shampoo except you’re eating it)!

Once you’ve located a product with an acceptable number of ingredients (for food that’s usually 5 or less but household/beauty products usually contain more); look at the ingredients to ensure they are safe. Sometimes things that sound toxic aren’t (example: the food additive absorbic acid is simply corn derived vitamin C).

You can look up questionable ingredients or use idiot proof guides (my preference) such as EWG customer guides or trustworthy blogs that focus solely on limiting toxic chemicals.


*This is a new monthly series on the blog featuring a household/baby/beauty product that is safe and effective per my own knowledge and experience. Keep in mind the science of analyzing modern day product ingredients for safety is in its infancy and often times we have limited data on what can be definitively considered safe.

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