Giuliana Rancic’s Son Latest Victim of Internet Trolls Attacking Celebrity Children

On Wednesday, Giuliana Rancic posted a loving photo on Instagram of her 3 yr old son Duke playing with chalk in his perfectly decorated bedroom. It gathered thousands of likes and hundreds of positive comments before it was adorned with a demeaning remark directed toward her beautiful boy. A disgusting internet troll targeting celebrity children strikes again.

Any sensible person knows the commenter isn’t a fan of Giuliana Rancic, which means he purposefully trolled her account in search for a photo to field a hate-filled comment. He chose a picture of her 3 year old son.

I debated whether or not to feature the comment, in order to fully air out my disgust. I decided not to do the asshole any favors by further broadcasting his nonsense. His comment doesn’t warrant a second look. We can all agree, regardless of the particulars of his comment, anyone who attacks an innocent child over hatred for his/her celebrity parent is a special type of f–ked up.

Giuliana Rancic’s son isn’t the first victim and certainly won’t be the last. Peruse Kristin Cavallari’s Instagram after a bad football game. Anti-Jay Cutler enthusiasts constantly showcase the emptiness in their lives by dropping shitty remarks on photos of her sons wearing Chicago Bear gear. These are two celebrities I happen to follow which barely scratch the surface of celebrity child bashing.

Celebrities are particularly vulnerable to hatred since their lives are an open book and every comment that flies out of their mouth on a whim is analyzed/scrutinized. Which celebrity people choose to hate this week is at the bottom of my priority list, along with researching any drama surrounding Giuliana Rancic, since my opinion of her or anyone else’s isn’t the point of this article.

Hatred toward a celebrity doesn’t mean his/her children are ever fair game when carrying out that vendetta. These are innocent children who are completely separate entities from their parents. The acceptance of defaming children on the internet, because we all have a right to our opinion, is absolutely ridiculous.

Regardless of freedom of speech, which for some includes freedom to bash children, can we set higher standards for ourselves as human beings?! I’m scared to raise my own kids in a society where online hate mongering toward innocent children is an appropriate outlet for celebrity disdain or any type. If you work for Facebook, Instagram, or any social media site enforcing flagged comments make defamatory comments toward children one of your first priorities.

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