About Me

My name is Cory Yarmuth and I am an experienced outdoorsman that has had a fishing rod in my hands for over 34 years.  Growing up in Michigan at a young age my father introduced me to the outdoors by taking me hunting for pheasants or chasing King salmon in the rivers.  We moved to Illinois when I was 11 and picked right up where I left off.  My passion for hunting and fishing can be seen in my photographs and published writings.  I have extensive knowledge on several subjects in the hunting and fishing field that is local in nature.  I can often be found fishing the shorelines of Lake Michigan or out in my boat chasing a number of different species of fish.
I am a local guide, seminar speaker, tournament fisherman, and outdoor writer.  Most of all I am student of the outdoors.  There is always something new to learn about our world around us and through my writings here I hope that I can bring some of my experiences to you for you to learn as well as for you to watch as I learn and grow as an outdoorsman.

Please enjoy

Cory Yarmuth