Vexilar and the FLX-30BB

Vexilar and the FLX-30BB

The world of ice fishing has changed so much since I started drilling holes about 37 years ago.  Ice fishing rods have gone from sticks with two nails to wrap the line on to high tech inline reels and super sensitive rods. I have gone from sitting on a bucket to sitting in a comfortable CLAM flip over shelter.  The ice fishing industry is constantly improving the products for the angler.  If they didn’t then they would be left in the dust as their competitors took over.

I am fortunate enough to work with two incredible ice fishing companies. Clam outdoors and Vexilar are top in the ice fishing world in many ways.  There is something every year that is being done to improve the anglers time on the ice.  These advancements have certainly improved my time on the ice.

Recently there was a post on social media that was trying to make it sound as though Vexilar products were antiquated and behind the times.  I try to stay away from heated arguments on social media as it never leads to anything good.  However it did start me thinking about how the world of ice fishing has been changed by Vexilar electronics.

There are anglers that I have fished with that are still running Vexilar units that are over 20 years old and working just as good as the day they were purchased.  I really could go deep into the history of Vexilar, however I would do it disservice so for that I would direct you to their website.

Instead, I wanted to just drop a quick note about Vexilar’s newest advancement the FLX-30BB.  Just when you thought a product couldn’t be improved it was done!  I don’t claim to be an all knowing expert on these products so there really is no reason for me to change the way Vexilar has described their product so here it is in their own words:

Vexilar has delivered on the dream of developing a broad band flasher sonar with unmatched interference rejection and signal clarity. Based on the same easy to use, auto-ranging performance platform as the FLX-28, the FLX-30 offers the angler seven frequencies from which to choose, and with 20 IR settings, 140 combinations are available to kill interference once and for all! The magic begins with the world’s first broad band Ice-Ducer™ made from an array of dozens of small crystals. They deliver a wide sonar frequency band from a 19-degree beam at 160 kHz to an 8-degree at 300 kHz. Anglers can fine-tune the display to knock-out interference and sharpen target ID down to ¼”. The FLX‑30 features night mode, three power level settings, three zoom zones, three manual depth setting ranges to 300 feet and five color palette choices. With Vexilar’s legendary sunlight-readable, 525-segment resolution display now enhanced with broad band technology, it is safe to say you will never look at ice fishing the same way again!

The Ultra Pack carry case is the ultimate case design to hold the FLX-30. The Ultra Pack carry case is unique in that it has a totally enclosed 12 volt 9 amp hour lithium-ion battery that can power your Vexilar for days not hours. You use a master power switch to power up the system. The Ultra Pack has an oversize carry handle that can also hold your transducer float, four rod holder positions (one rod holder comes with the system) Three transducer support eye holes and a great cable management system. The Ultra Pack easily fits into a 5 gallon bucket and comes with would not be complete without a Vexilar tackle box and positions to mount other Vexilar accessories like the Flex-Light, Glo-Ring or more rod holders. 


This just goes to show you that you can improve on the mousetrap.  It’s not building a better one, but just improving on an already great one to put your experience on the ice over the top.  Good luck out there and make sure you stay on top!

Cory Yarmuth

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