Irish Setter Shoe Comfort

Irish Setter Shoe Comfort

As a person that is always on the go and that spends a lot of time on my feet it is always hard to find comfortable footwear that will last and keep my feet from hurting.  The search is always on to find a shoe that I can wear in the boat or while walking the trail to check on game cameras.  Fit, comfort, and ease of putting them on are some of the main factors I have always been looking for.

Recently a shoe of just such a nature made its way into my house.  The Irish Setter Drifter slip-on shoe has been a game changer as an everyday shoe that I am able to work, fish, and hike in.  This shoe is very comfortable, and the slip-on design makes it easy to put on and take off.


When I ordered the shoe I ordered the standard width as I have never had to wear any shoes or boots in a wide as my feet really are not wide. With this shoe it did fit a bit snug and it did turn out that a wider width was needed. Once the wider width showed up it was an incredible fit and it did not feel like I was wearing a rugged shoe.

The shoe comes with the Irish Setter Exclusive Scent control.  This is a scent control process called ScentBanTM . This is a process that is added to the material to kill bacterial that causes odors in your shoes.  What I found is that it worked quite well, but even after wearing for hours on end I would get some stink from my feet; however, the shoe would not hold the smell just my socks themselves.  So I can say that the shoe was doing its job but my socks were not.

The Irish Setter brand has been around for many years and the quality of the product certainly speaks for itself.  I am not being paid for any endorsements; this is just a testament to the quality of the shoes that I have worn from this company.  It is my belief that it is important to me that when a product performs above and beyond expectations that others should be aware of it.

The level of comfort and the overall looks of these shoes make them a very attractive addition to my footwear for both everyday wear as well as for working around the house or in the field.  It always pays to research products and I hope that reading this you can get a better feel for a shoe and a company on the quality of the products and the brand.

Here is a little history of the company:

In 1950, the first of many boots know simply as “Irish Setter” were designed specifically for hunting and featured the distinctive Oro-Russet leather, the same color as an Irish Setter hunting dog.  Originally a Sportsman’s boot, it was quickly adopted by American workers in the 1960’s

By the 1970’s, workers are wearing Irish Setter boots every day on the job as well as out in the field.  New materials are introduced including highly waterproof kangaroo hide with a Vibram sole and double-layered leather.  The cutting-edge construction was the fist of it’s kind.

In the 1990’s, the Irish Setter hunting boot line was expanded to 14 styles. In 2000, Irish setter celebrated its 50th anniversary with a unique logo.  Style #882 became a flagship big game hunting boot for tough backcountry terrain.  In 2004, a new logo was developed adding the Red Wing shoes endorsement and the dog became leaner and more athletic.

Today, irish Setter boots continue to deliver on this heritage of excellent, confidently leading hunters and workers into any terrain – in all weather conditions and back out again.

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