Grizzly Coolers to Keep it Cold!

Grizzly Coolers to Keep it Cold!

I have been very skeptical of these high dollar coolers.  Why would anyone pay so much money for a cooler that keeps your stuff cold?  Well being an outdoorsman there is always a need to keep things cold and some times you need to keep them lasting for many days.  I am thinking of going on an adventure of a different type.  This one will be in the investigation of just what makes these Grizzly coolers  much better than your standard Igloo cooler.

Over the next few months I am going to do my research and testing and see just what makes these coolers so great!  I know that the name speaks for itself, but I feel that if there is some time spent researching just what these coolers can do and how they compare to your mid-grade cooling devices I can speak better and more intelligently on just why you should buy one.

It is obvious why every outdoorsman should have a Grizzly cooler as they do hold up to the extremes and they keep things cold longer, but hopefully you can follow along on my little journey.

For now here is a little bit about the Grizzly to peak your interest!


Grizzly Coolers retain ice and keep contents cold for the duration. Grizzly Coolers offers a variety of sizes of bear-resistant, Made-in-USA coolers that match your group size, activity or trip length.

For larger groups or longer stays, look to the Grizzly 60 and 75 to keep food and drinks cold throughout your trip. Keep drinks and foods properly chilled when gathering with friends and family at sporting events, tailgating, on the boat, BBQs and graduation parties.

The Grizzly G60’s perfect for long-weekend car camping or keeping boaters’ thirst at bay, holding 20 lbs. of ice and 72 12 oz. cans. The 60 QT size makes it a great to take along for a variety of outdoor activities. Suggested retail $349.99.

If you’re taking the crew on an extended trip, Grizzly G75 allows for 20 lbs. of ice and 84 12 oz cans. Like all Grizzly hard-sided coolers, the G75 with 75 QT capacity is bear proof and rigorously tested to retain ice. Suggested retail $399.99.

Grizzly hard-sided coolers have these features:

  • RotoTough™ rotationally molded, durable construction with food safe plastic
  • Environmentally friendly pressure-injected polyurethane foam insulation
  • Molded-in hinge with stainless steel pin
  • Dual 2” drain plug for easy, quick draining
  • Full length drain channels for complete draining
  • BearClaw™ Latches require no hardware and keep a secure grip
  • Non-slip, non-marking rubber feet (Slick feet are also included)
  • Molded-in heavy duty handles
  • Rope handle with nylon-sleeved rubber handle
  • 2” Tiedown slots to help keep your cooler secure in your truck, boat or UTV
  • Dry ice compatible
  • Locking system with two lock holes to keep cooler secure and contents safe
  • Embossed ruler on lid for measuring your catch
  • Dry goods tray helps separate items
  • Rubber gasket makes a perfect seal to keep cold air trapped
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Bear-resistant, IGBC Certification so cooler can be used in US National Parks
  • Available in a variety of colors to match your activity or personality:
    • Colors for G60: Olive Drab Green, White, Tan, Red, Orange, Sandstone, Lime, Gray and Teal
    • Colors for G75: White, Tan

“Grizzly Cooler’s G60 and G75 hit the sweet spot for cooling beverages and provisions for groups,” explained Ethan Pole, Grizzly Coolers Marketing Director. “Long weekends with small groups or longer car-camping for couples would be well-suited for these coolers.”


Grizzly hard-sided coolers are available now at outdoor and online retailers, including Suggested retail price starts at $349.99.



About Grizzly Coolers: 

Grizzly Coolers is most known for its rotomolded, bear-resistant, Made-in-USA hard-sided Grizzly Coolers. Grizzly Coolers also makes soft-sided coolers, insulated drinkware and innovative hunting blinds. Learn more about all its products, its rigorous product testing process and where you can buy these quality products at

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