Irish Setter Traveler shoes are a game changer

Irish Setter Traveler shoes are a game changer

As a hunter and fisherman, I am always looking at many different types of gear to make my experiences in the field that much better.  Whether it be a new gun, rod, reel or even set of outer gear the options are endless.  The one item that often get’s overlooked is what goes on my feet.

I own many pairs of boots for all different situations that I may encounter, however the one item that I didn’t really think about was a good pair of simple footwear for warmer months on the boat or around the house.  That is when I came upon the Irish Setter Traveler series of footwear.

Having a detached garage at the house I always find myself having to run out to take the garbage out or run into the garage to grab a tool or piece of fishing gear.  Instead of constantly having to grab a pair of lace up shoes and take the time to get these tied up for a short trip the Traveler Canvas Slip-ons were just the ticket!

These are lightweight and feature a special Odor control interior so that I can wear them without socks and not worry about excess sweat and stink of foot odor.  This odor control is a trademarked technology called Scent BAN.  This is added to the linings of the shoes as well as the footbeds to kill bacteria that cause odors.

They have been my “go-to” shoes to wear around the house or while working in the basement or even running quick errands to the stores.  The comfort level is next to none and the plain styling allows me to wear them for casual occasions when visiting friends who are not keen on letting people wear shoes in the house.  I can easily slip them off and on without even having to bend over to put them on. I find myself often just slipping my foot in and not even having to pull the back of the heal up.

Being that Irish Setter is part of the Red-Wing brand the quality of construction is high, and the look is just as great.  They have an aggressive sole to them which makes them great for all types of weather conditions.  There is no worry about slipping around when walking onto wet tile or hardwood floors.

The shoes fit true to size so there was no worry that if ordering online that they would not fit properly.  This is a big deal when you are looking for shoes to buy over the internet.  It seems to always be one of those issues that people deal with when not having tried a shoe on first.  Not a problem with the Traveler as the are true to size.

Whether you are looking for a casual shoe for work, home, or the boat these have really fit the bill for me and I am very happy with how well they have performed and held up under many different circumstances.   Check them out at and go to the Traveler line of shoes.



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