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Jason Mitchell Talks about The Meat Stick Ice Rod

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Jason Mitchell has worked with Clam Outdoors to bring you the walleye summer rods as well as his own line of ice fishing rods.  Take a look at what he has done with the “Meat Stick” to help fisherman put more fish on the ice. Go to Clam Outdoors and pick one up today.  

Late Fall Lake Trout

Late Fall Lake Trout
There are a lot of fisherman out there that love to target trout.  They love chasing them down in the local lakes and ponds during the “stocked” trout season or chasing the big girls out on Lake Michgan.   If you want to talk about a trout species that gets a bad rap then all... Read more »

The Vexilar Sonar Phone

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Come and watch Tom Zenanko from Vexilar talk about the new Sonar Phone. This revolutionary new product will allow not only the boat angler to find more fish, but to offer the shoreline angler a new opportunity to target areas that might have been passed over before. Watch for all the new products coming out... Read more »

Clam Pro Staff Day

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Being part of the Pro-Staff of Clam I couldn’t help but share an insider’s view of what goes on behind the curtain.