A Woman Of The Outdoors

A Woman Of The Outdoors

Most people say that the hunting/fishing world is a man’s world. There is one woman that has proven to me this to be quite untrue. Kristen Monroe is this woman taking on the outdoors. She has shown that the outdoors belongs to everyone and that more and more women are becoming involved with the outdoors. She doesn’t just talk the talk, but can walk the walk.

Kristen has two children, a three-year-old girl and a five-year-old boy. She wants to be a good role model to her children and is bringing them up to respect the outdoors. According to Kristen, she is ” passing on the tradition to maintain the survival of hunting”. Without our youngsters growing up exposed to the outdoors the sport of hunting and shooting could easily loose out to video games and overrated motion pictures.

Her career started off selling advertising for a local firm where she found herself becoming exposed more and more to the world of the outdoors. It wasn’t until 2010 that she started taking an interest in hunting and the shooting sports. Last year she bow hunted for whitetail deer, hunted Pheasant, and learned and shoot several different handguns. This year she has been snow goose hunting, and turkey hunting and has a duck hunt planned for late fall.

Kristen has a passion for not only the outdoors, but also writing about it is as well. Recently she combined her love of writing with her journey into becoming an outdoorswoman. She calls it the “Kristen Experiment”. This is a first hand account of her journey into hunting and shooting.

Kristen comes from a family of hunters, and is glad they set a positive stage for the outdoors. She is a firm believer in passing on the tradition. According to Kristen “now that I finally grew an interest in hunting, I will do my best to get them (her children) to appreciate the outdoors.” Shooting and hunting has brought her family much closer together and it is a platform that she is continuing to build on. She feels that “American families do not do enough together; hunting is one thing that you can. Finding a connection to your teenage son is almost impossible; shooting a bow is cool at any age”

Her original path was not that of an outdoorswomen. It wasn’t until she participated in a women’s shooting program for her work that she became hooked on wanting to know more about this new world. The doors had just opened to her and she was going to take full advantage of it.

Kristen wants to help others understand why she does what she does. She uses her writing to help educate others about the facts of what hunting does towards the conservation effort.
Hunters are conservationists and their love of the outdoors has such a positive effect on the outdoor world. She offers ideas and inspiration to those that may be on the fence about becoming more involved in the outdoors. Thru her own experiences Kristen provides insight into what it is like to be a women in the outdoors world.

Kristen continues to build her experiences in the outdoors and hopes to have the opportunity to advance in her abilities as a hunter and a shooter. She certainly can hold her own with a fishing rod and she continues to work to inspire other women to get involved with the outdoors.

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