Who Would Have Thought? My Wife is A Vegetarian!

Yup that’s right!  My wife and I are complete opposites.  Who would have guessed?  I hunt, I fish, I wear leather.  My wife, well, she accepts me for me.

I thought I would let you in on a little secret.

Eight years ago at the end of this month, I stood in front of God and my family to declare my love and devotion to my lovely bride. She was standing there all in white and as beautiful as the snow covered landscape on a soft winter morning. Her heart is so warm that she could melt the coldest of nights. The day that we met I knew that we would be together for a long time to come. We both knew that life would be challenging, but we stood up there and declared our love for each other and our devotion that would stand for all eternity.

I bring my lovely bride up as an example of how things just tend to work themselves out. How two people can be so different and yet be so close. See, my wife is a vegetarian. Yes, I know that is a swear word to most outdoorsman. Me being a dedicated hunter and fisherman and her, well, not. We have had our differences of opinion but things tend to work out. Her lifestyle is her choice and I respect that. Without respect a relationship cannot last.

What my wife has chosen as her path and lifestyle is something that is hard for others to understand. In fact often times I myself find it difficult to grasp. I don’t have that person that when I come home from a successful hunt that I can share my stories with, or show my prized quarry. She respects my love of nature, and all the beauty that I can find in it. She is fully aware that I am an outdoorsman and that she will love me unconditionally. We both have made compromises and this is just a small compromise to make things in life that much better.

I am often asked by my friends and work companions, how I am able to fish and spend as much time in the outdoors. It’s an easy answer. Comprimise! I am sure that most people understand the concept, however they may just not grasp it in its entirety. I am by no means any type of relationship guru, just a fisherman with two loves. The love of my wife and the love of the outdoors. How does that work? Well it’s a secret. Yes, I said it, a secret. A special type of love that you will often see between mortal enemies. Like the cartoon Tom and Jerry where a cat and mouse are always at war, but in the end they share a respect and a love for one another. We don’t have a war, but we sure can have some battles. When you find that special love you will know that secret.

Now we have a little one on the way and he is due in February.  Of course this means that more compromises will be made and our lives will change forever.  This is certainly not a bad thing, just a new chapter in our lives.  We will adapt.  Our love for each other and for our Son grows stronger every day and it works because we respect each other and our beliefs.

I guess when it all boils down to it, what I am trying to say, is that if you find yourself in a relationship with that special person you must always remember one thing. You must remember to compromise. It is not all about you or what you enjoy, but what she enjoys as well. You must find that common ground and build on it. Make sure you make time for your love and that she knows that she is special. Yes, I have missed out on some fishing trips in order to spend time with my wife, was I disappointed? No. I got to spend time with my other love and build an even better friendship and relationship. Make time for each other and remember always to make the time you do have special.


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  • Very true Cory. Congrats on the little one also, you will make a great Dad! Let's hope he comes out looking more like your wife than you though. ;)

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