My killer cat Harley and why I had to get rid of him

I’ve always been a cat person, so were my parents, and I don’t have any problems with my cats being indoor/outdoor cats either. Our most recent cat, Harley, sadly, was the last cat we will have in Chicago and here’s why.

Chicago is a big dog city, all of our neighbors have a dog and we are one of the only families at our Roscoe Village neighborhood school that don’t have a dog. People probably thought we were crazy for having a cat and even more so for letting it roam around the hood, and I didn’t care.

I loved Harley, he was a tuxedo cat, black and white and he was a bad ass and a big lover. He let the kids do whatever they wanted and never hurt them but he sure was a hunter, almost every day bringing home a “treat.”

Last summer is when the nightmare happened. Harley was out day cruising around the barrio and jumped into my neighbors fenced in back yard. That’s when it happened. Their dog saw Harley and went crazy.img_2054

The dog attacked Harley and Harley defended himself as best he could. The dogs owners, my neighbors,  were home and witnessed the whole thing. “It was fast,” they said, when we saw them later that day. Haley came home bloodied up a little bit, but he was fine enough to skip a vet visit – like I said, Harley was a bad ass.

The next day we saw our neighbors, who are a quiet couple with kids older than ours. They said that their dog was acting strange  and they that took it into the vet. They told the vet about the incident the day before with Harley and the vet shaved the dog down and found 2 cat puncture wounds in the dogs neck, which our neighbors did show us when they returned home later that day.

They also said that their dog has a fever from our cat’s puncture wounds and will need antibiotics but all will be fine. We actually laughed about it all on the sidewalk that summer evening, relieved that no one’s pet got seriously hurt.

Well, the very next day the dog died. Yes, you heard me correctly. The dog straight up died. And you can imagine the shit show that followed. We were never close with our neighbors, who live 3 houses down from us and thank goodness because they really don’t like us now.

We apologized to the best of our ability: pimped out gift basket, we paid their vet bill, which was a pretty penny, and we found a new home for our beloved cat. But I know how much it hurts to lose a pet.

It’s a crazy story, I know. An unfortunate story. I never wanted to hurt anyone, especially a nice couple a few houses away. We’ll never get a cat again as long as we live here. You’ll have to stay tuned to see if our kids talk us into getting a dog.

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