“Kicking and Screaming” is a blog about the pleasure, pitfalls and infinite inspiration in raising a family in downtown Chicago.

I am a writer and marketing professional, currently Marketing Director at digital agency, Critical Mass. I am also a wife and mother. A sister and a daughter. A lover of beautiful things and making things beautiful—whether by capturing them on camera, expressing them in words, or experiencing them, truly, in the moment. I am mostly an optimist but sometimes a pessimist. I am a believer in life—despite all its imperfections—embraced and fully lived.

I believe you can have it all. Just not all the time. Not like in fairy tales. Not wrapped up in a perfect little bow. But in moments: Of inspiration. Of pride. Of beauty. Of connection. Moments of gratitude that don’t just balance the bad, the ugly, the unsavory in your life—they outweigh it.

I also write about finding inspiration on my blog, Sea Glass, at http://seaglass-inspiration.squarespace.com/ —a collection of original photography and reflections about life, love, loss and gratitude for everyday moments.

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Email: celia_p_jones@hotmail.com