Moody & Sleazy in Chicago - The Jackson Family Chronicles

If there ever was a reason to promote Prozac, Sandi & Jesse Jackson Jr. should sign on immediately as spokespeople for the mood-altering drug.  If they don’t, I will happily fill in for them, because I cannot bear another second of their constant press manipulation, political grandstanding and phony baloney medical updates.

It may just send all of us, not favored recipients of Congressional perks and pay raises, into a spiraling depression.  It is sickening to know that our elected officials can constantly work the system and never blink an eye.  Their arrogance towards their constituents is really mind-boggling.

The latest comments from Alderman Sandi Jackson suggested that her husband may not return to work until after the November 6th election — a contest he is expected to win. Doctors are advising the Congressman to “stay very calm, very quiet.”  Oh, and stay as far away from the Feds as humanly possible.

Shame on Sandi.  She must take us all for suckers.  She is spinning this whole scenario like a true politician.  The sob story on their medical expenses is also a bit of a hoot.  None of us is privy to their insurance policies or coverage.  But, I am not too concerned, since they own a $2.5 million dollar property in Washington, D.C.

If Jackson is so debilitated by such major mental and emotional afflictions, don’t you think it would be best for him to step aside?  Or, come November 7th, do we expect that he will have a miraculous recovery?

If this disorder has been plaguing him to the point of being unable to work, how productive can he be as a Representative to people in his Congressional district?

I am just so relieved that Sandi Jackson was able to cope with her most recent Birthday Bash fundraiser.  How does she manage to get out of bed in the morning to attend these functions?   It is totally amazing to me is that there are people who were willing to spend thousands of dollars to bulk up her campaign coffers.

Although, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that most of them are scumbags looking for a favor or two.  Or, could it be that Alderman Jackson is in touch with the Democratic power brokers, who may tap her to become a member of Congress?  If Jesse Jr. simply cannot serve, maybe there is a way to keep the seat warm for his ambitious wife.

After all, Jesse Jr.’s mother has explained that her son suffered years of “enormous disappointment,” not being able to become a senator.  So, being a US House of Representative probably just feels beneath him.

We have a long tradition in Illinois of seeing our elected officials get away with egregious entitlements and thumbing their noses at taxpayers who dare to ask forthright questions.  For all of his past flowery speech, you’d think that Jesse Jackson, Jr. would at least try to pretend he has an ethical bone left in his body.

Oh, and not once, have I heard Sandi Jackson voice concern for the people her husband was elected to serve.  Self-centered, self-serving and self-involved.

No, we get all their medical updates and sob stories, pleading for our patience and prayers.  Really?  Put a sock in it and be quiet….be “very quiet,” as the doctor has prescribed.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has urged “patience” — Gee, for a guy who admits he doesn’t have a lot of that it reserve, this is when he asks me for it?  Last I checked, the Jackson family has dipped into our generosity way too long.

Governor Pat Quinn had the Jesuit approach — saying that the people of Illinois have “good hearts,” and he knows that we are all praying for Representative Jackson and his family.  Gag me!!  Quinn doesn’t have a backbone in his body.  My fervent prayer is that God makes somebody a Governor of Illinois who is really worthy of my vote.

Has anyone even, just for one tiny moment, thought that the Representative is a liar, scam artist and manipulative scaredy-cat, running from the Feds?  Why would I take the word of a man, who continues to be embroiled in the corrupt web of a convicted felon and yet, wants me to believe that he needs extensive care for a “mood disorder?”

Oops, sorry, I mean a “severe gastrointestinal disorder.”  Gosh, I’d wish they’d get their story straight.

Was it only in June that the Representative realized how fragile his mental and emotional state had become….or, was he not coming clean while he ran for his Primary re-election in March?  All of sudden, he wasn’t fit to fulfill his duties to the citizens of Illinois?

We have been asked, time and time again, to accept the Jackson family version of events and “pray” for his health.  His less-than-upstanding father has urged “patience” as well.  They sure like that word a lot.

I am more concerned about the health of all those people who will NEVER get to leave their jobs, get paid for it and are still required to explain why they went AWOL in the first place.

As usual, Ms. Airhead Nancy Pelosi, stumbled over her carefully-worded message, trying to act like Nurse Consuelo  — just really hoping that Jackson gets the “treatment”  he needs…blah, blah, blah.

Oh, and my favorite is former Senator Roland, “I built myself a mausoleum” Burris.  Laughably, this guy had the nerve to suggest the media was “hounding” the Jackson family, just like “they hounded me.”  Boo-hoo-hoo.  Memo to Roland:  The Reverend Jackson and his family never met a camera they didn’t like.

When that red light goes on, Reverend Jackson speaks!!  Unless one asks for the truth — then he hides for cover.  Sleazy as they come.

Senator Burris, appointed by an inmate going gray in prison, also should be ashamed of pocketing our taxpayer money for his generous salary, pension and healthcare benefits, while doing absolutely zero in Congress.  Yes, that same Congress, who Rahm Emanuel says “does no work.”

Nice.  And these, my friends, are our illustrious elected officials.  Yes, if you need to take an anti-depressant, I totally understand.

Michelle Obama was right — politics is not a noble profession.




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  • When is JJJ going to step up to the podium and level with his constituents. " As a man of faith, conviction, and character, I can no longer represent my district in my fragile medical and tenuous legal position. I have milked very ounce of advantage out of my voters. My work here is done ! Please forward my pension check to the following address. "

  • I agree with the heart of the essay, it is very well written, and thought out.
    My only caveat is the reference to Nancy Pelosi as an "airhead", I have been a life long Democrat and while we may have our airheads in abundance very few rise to the level of Todd Aiken and many right wing Senators and Representatives who have made it their mission to thwart the president at every turn.
    JJJ does need to go and Sandi is in need of some accountability to her constituents. Municipal government and State government in Illinois are long overdue for an overhaul and I believe the electorate is beginning to act, corruption is at the door of Democrats in the state and city but in this state the Republicans also are conjoined to corruption.
    I believe in Democratic goals for a massive change nationally in the way we view drugs, the criminal justice system, and the power of the so called "job creators", but fear has kept the grid lock in American political life.

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