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"Life, Love, Soul" - A Filmmaker's Vision

Every morning, I get a very disturbing update on my Chicago Tribune app — telling me how many people have been shot overnight in Chicago:  “8 SHOT OVERNIGHT…..3 SHOT DEAD…7 HURT ON SOUTH AND WEST SIDES.” It is really distressing.  There is a prevailing Wild, Wild West mentality in many urban areas.  What happens to... Read more »

Pet Poodle Shrinks and wasted tax dollars

Like most of humanity, I have suffered some deep sadness in life.  I didn’t need any Xanax or to update my living will —  but, I totally get how debilitating those times can be.   I am also a big believer in strong therapeutic assistance.   Along with a  creamy bread pudding, professional help can be very... Read more »

Morning television is making me sick

Since I am nine times more likely to die from a TV falling on my head this year than winning the Mega Millions Lottery, I can only hope it happens while Oprah Winfrey, Katie Couric and other really rich, self-important people are clawing at each other this week for more attention on television. Good God,... Read more »