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THERE ARE TWO ASSES IN ASSASSIN. Okay, that is the best title — ever.  It is also a really funny and slightly bittersweet short story (and soon, a full-length book) of an inept and compassionate hit man.  It was written by Randy Rohn, an author who seamlessly combines suspense, intrigue and comedy.

Sometimes super talented people never seem to get their proper due.  Instead, morning talk shows book interviews with “writers” (and I use that term loosely) like Tori Spelling, for the umpteenth time, to talk about pregnancy weight, temper tantrums and her ongoing marital high-jinks with vacant-looking hubby Dean.  Well, repeat after me:  “CRASHING BORES!

Perhaps the incomparable Ernest Hemingway could see what was ahead for the future of publishing and decided to check out early, saving himself from a more deepening depression.

Just like Papa, Randy started out in the newspaper biz — not in Kansas City or Paris, but in Anderson, Indiana.  The Anderson Bulletin provided the aspiring high-school journalist with entree into Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

I knew Randy from my days at Leo Burnett Advertising, and he was always one of the most quick-witted and smartest guys around.  He had this Columbo way of observing things and reacting to them — rumpled raincoat and all — carrying a notepad in his hand, as he was writing award-winning ads for McDonald’s and other hot-shot clients.

If you want to read the exciting work of an inventive author, here is your chance.  Randy’s new novel, HANG ON SLOOPY is available and here are some early reviews:

“What a terrific first novel.  Randy Rohn has created a bang-up page-turner with three-dimensional characters, laugh out loud dialogue, and enough body parts to make Silence of the Lambs look like a snack.” (Marshall Karp, bestselling author of The Rabbit Factory).

“The dialogue is witty and the characters wry and appealing.” (NY Times bestselling author Jeffrey Deaver).

This is what happens to certain accomplished writers, artists, musicians — they continue to work on their craft, staying under the radar, without a scandalous sex tape to promote themselves.   Well, with or without a home movie, Randy provides all the thrills you need — writing stories that scary, humorous and always surprising.

So, it is time to move on from the awe-inspiring literary efforts of  “Kardashian Konfidential” and delve into an imaginative, page-turning work of fine fiction writing.


HANG ON SLOOPY by Randy Rohn

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