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SOUL TRAIN - Kelly's Kudo's

Calling all Soul Train Dancers and white uncles who can’t dance.  The SOUL TRAIN Photo Exhibit has arrived at Expo 72, located at 72 E. Randolph, across from The Chicago Cultural Center.  Presented by the Chicago Office of Tourism and Soul Train Holdings, take your groove thing down memory lane and view the 56 fabulous... Read more »

There Are Two Asses In Assassin-Kelly's Bravo

THERE ARE TWO ASSES IN ASSASSIN. Okay, that is the best title — ever.  It is also a really funny and slightly bittersweet short story (and soon, a full-length book) of an inept and compassionate hit man.  It was written by Randy Rohn, an author who seamlessly combines suspense, intrigue and comedy. Sometimes super talented... Read more »

Boycott the Breast-feeding Baby! - Kelly's Vent-i-lation

You have got to be kidding me!!!  So, for a mere $69.99 (plus tax & shipping), you too can have your 8-year-old simulate breast-feeding with a new baby doll.  Gee, and we wonder why the Chinese own the world. That’s what every mother’s hopes and dreams should be for her little daughter — before mastering... Read more »

Java Journey - Kelly's Just Because

Yes, sometimes I must trek to another ‘hood to discover a different cup of Joe and a way to soothe the soul.  When liquid Valium is not available, head over to Atelier La Colombe in the West Loop, Or, La Colombe Torrefaction. I know, such a big name for a tiny cafe.  However,  it... Read more »

Public Speaking by Martin Scorsese-Kelly's Queue It Up

Fran Lebowitz is my hero, and I don’t even smoke.  A writer, humorist and public speaker, she is never dull.   With a sharp edge and fierce intelligence, she dares to say what so many of us think. “All God’s children are not beautiful.  Most of God’s children are, in fact, barely presentable.” Martin Scorsese’s film,... Read more »


I know I’m really late.  But, I finally found a good reason for Emily Dickinson to leave the house.  The new Poetry Foundation building has opened, and it is a beauty.   Sleek and splendid it its simplicity and class, this may be my respite from flash mobs and panhandlers. I attended the Open House... Read more »

Kelly's Kudos-Printworks Gallery

Printworks in Chicago,, is rare — small, but mighty.  Established in 1980 and run by two dear friends, Sidney Block and Bob Hiebert, it’s a must-see stop on your River North Gallery walk. Full disclosure: Sid is my condo neighbor  — a real scholar and a true gentleman.   “A Good Egg,” as I like... Read more »

OWN, Lost & Found: Kelly's Vent-i-lation

Oh, how I wish Oprah Winfrey had not worn white stretch pants back in January as she introduced OWN TV.  Despite the major media hype, the wardrobe misstep (doesn’t she have a stylist at her beck and call?) was a precursor for this cable channel’s cringe-inducing programming. Discovery Communications has invested hundreds of millions of... Read more »


Every Little Step is a documentary by James Stern and Adam Del Deo — a movie I saw sometime ago, but almost let slip away.  So, when you need a little Netflix-fix, order up this DVD for a rainy Sunday afternoon and invite every wannabe dancer you know. This film provides an unprecedented look behind... Read more »