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Yes, sometimes I must trek to another ‘hood to discover a different cup of Joe and a way to soothe the soul.  When liquid Valium is not available, head over to Atelier La Colombe in the West Loop,


Or, La Colombe Torrefaction. I know, such a big name for a tiny cafe.  However,  it is worth a visit.   I applaud the founders, Todd Carmichael and Jean Philippe Iberti, who refer to their creation as “culinary coffee.”   They are serious about their coffee…but, not in a snooty way.

Here’s the thing, it does feel like an artist’s studio — a gathering spot for creative folks and entrepreneurial types.   It’s a clean, open space, inviting even the most jittery java junkies to calm down and take a deep breath.

The Roasters and Baristas are in the groove.   La Colombe is dedicated to fair and ethical trade with coffee growers around the world.  So, sip with a good conscience and make Sean Penn happy, because these coffee connoisseurs are buying beans from Haiti.

It also feels good to have someone care that much about brewing a delicious Gibraltar —  exquisite shots of espresso and steamed milk, topped with a foamy flourish.   Located down the street from the shuttered Red Light and Marche restaurants, it gives the West Loop a much-needed touch of class and renewal.

Now, let’s hope nobody opens a Hooters across the street!

La Colombe

955 West Randolph Street

Chicago, IL  60607





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