Kelly's Kudos-Printworks Gallery

Printworks in Chicago,, is rare — small, but mighty.  Established in 1980 and run by two dear friends, Sidney Block and Bob Hiebert, it’s a must-see stop on your River North Gallery walk.

Full disclosure: Sid is my condo neighbor  — a real scholar and a true gentleman.   “A Good Egg,” as I like to say.  Sid is always ready and willing to show his gallery guests a comprehensive perspective on this tiny gem of a space and the artists who have exhibited their work over the years.

One of Printworks’ major “discoveries” is the prolific artist and writer Audrey Niffenegger.
Her popular book, THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE, was made into a film with Australian actor Eric Bana and one of  my favorite actresses, Rachel McAdams, currently starring in Woody Allen’s MIDNIGHT IN PARIS.

Printworks specializes in works on paper.  Gee, who knew there could be such power with paper?   Seriously, Sid and Bob can make you believe that paper can transform the most basic of materials into moving works of art

This post is coming to you from the daughter of a painter, the granddaughter of an illustrator — and a person who got a “D” in Art 101.  I could barely draw stick people!

Upcoming SUMMER SHOW: New Works, Opening July 8, 2011.


311 West Superior Street, Suite 105

Chicago, Illinois  60654


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