Kelly's Show & Tell: Venti-lation vignette

The hypocrisy of the Hollywood community continues to amaze me.  Kobe Bryant can utter a homophobic slur “in the heat of the moment” – and gets a reaction from many that sounds very much like the old “boys will be boys” excuse.  He has been fined, which I am sure his agent has suggested he appeal.   Yet, the recap is all about the “competitive spirit,” and “street talk on the basketball court.”

Do they really expect me to buy that lame explanation? 

Oh, and now the Lakers are “looking forward to working with the Gay & Lesbian Community.”  Apparently, this is taking place after Kobe has attempted to make amends, saying he’s sorry, and the “word” should be banished….blah, blah, blah. 

Gag Me! 

In a world where the morally-bankrupt Charlie Sheen can receive standing ovations for referring to his ex-wives in extremely vile terms, the LA liberal elite still continues to slam Mel Gibson.  In fact, how supportive will they be towards his new film, Jodie Foster’s THE BEAVER?  Not very.

I have heard many people refer to Gibson as “homophobic” and “sexist.”  They seem ready to crucify him, because he is somehow not to be forgiven for bad behavior – but, Charlie and Kobe are heroes, still raking in major dough?

THE BEAVER actually looks really good, and so does Mel Gibson’s performance.  Will those spoiled stars, sitting in the front row seats at the Lakers game, attempt to forgive him?  Nope, not the weenies in Hollywood.  They will, however, be ready to slap Kobe on the back and cheer him onto another Championship. 

Another Gag Me!! Oh, and GO BULLS!

If Mel can’t get another chance at redemption, then Kobe should have to sing in drag on GLEE, and Charlie Sheen should definitely be working on a chain gang without his Goddesses!

Whew….that’s my venti-lation for the day.

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