David Pasquesi in God of Carnage

David Pasquesi in God of Carnage

David Pasquesi, currently on stage in the Goodman Theatre production of God of Carnage, is a Chicago actor who deserves to be really famous.  He is supremely talented and a very funny actor.  When he says the word “steerage,” it just makes me laugh. 

An Improv icon in Chicago, on stage or screen, he is the actor who draws you in.  I loved his show, Kill The Messenger, which he wrote and starred in at Second City etc.  He is also recognizable from appearances in:  The Fugitive, Groundhog Day, Strangers with Candy, Angels & Demons and I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With

You may have missed him in Factory on Spike TV a much more inventive and creative show than any traditional network would greenlight (yes, I mean you, Two and A Half Men) and the reason why cable tv was invented — no canned laughter required. 

You can catch David almost every Wednesday night, performing with TJ Jagodowski, in TJ and Dave at the iOstage on North Clark Street in Chicago.  Or pull out that DVD of Curb Your Enthusiasm and watch the episode where he played the dentist ala Little Shop of Horrors.  It is a classic.

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