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Did Rahm Emanuel, Bruce Rauner violate SEC pay-to-play rules with pension-tainted cash?

Did Rahm Emanuel, Bruce Rauner violate SEC pay-to-play rules with pension-tainted cash?
Pension birds of a feather flock together – so the saying goes. It is no secret that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Illinois Governor-elect Bruce Rauner are bosom friends and business partners.  However, according to an investigation by reporter David Sirota at IBTimes.com, the two also appear to have something else in common:  serious violations... Read more »

Kelly responds: Hate and media bias in NBC's coverage of Chicago mayoral race

Media malpractice is getting more and more common these days. Major Illinois newspapers are sadly endorsing GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner despite his refusal to give ANY specific details about his plans to solve the pension crisis in Illinois and every other crisis. This is a disservice to Illinois voters. Journalism really is dead. The... Read more »

Time to Question Bruce Rauner and his Rahm Republicans

Chicago, Illinois, April 3, 2013 – I have a few questions for some of my fellow Republicans: Why are you supporting Bruce Rauner as your 2014 GOP candidate for governor? How can you claim the Republican mantle and not question Rauner’s connections to Rahm Emanuel and his history of Democrat pay-to-play style politics? A few weeks... Read more »

Will Rahm, Chicago Media Get Their Just Deserts?

Rahm Emanuel is a lot of things. Corrupt. Manipulative. Money grubbing. Vindictive. Crude. Hypocritical. Disingenuous. Emanuel reminds me of Danny Devito’s Oswald Cobblepot AKA “The Penguin.”  Since the day he launched his campaign for Mayor of Chicago last September, I’ve been hearing him in my head saying, “You gotta admit, I’ve played this stinking city like a... Read more »