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Reporter to Rahm Emanuel: Chicago is the 'murder capital' not the 'culinary capital' of the U.S.

Chicago, Illinois – Chicago’s bloody Fourth of July holiday weekend has put the city’s record murder rate back in the national headlines.  With less than a year before the mayoral elections, Mayor Rahm Emanuel was in full spin control Wednesday trying to change the conversation at Chicago’s Taste of Chicago. An embarrassed Mayor Emanuel wanted to... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel kicks off re-election by blaming "slow" cops for Chicago's violence

Chicago, Illinois, February 28, 2014 – With Chicago’s mayoral elections only one year away, an unpopular Mayor Rahm Emanuel – by necessity – has unofficially launched his re-election campaign early. Emanuel has not made any formal announcement but the campaign has all the political tells, including a full-page letter published in the Chicago Sun-Times this... Read more »