Rialmo vs. Rahm: Cleared by CPD chief, Chicago cop's fate now in hands of Rahm-appointed board

Rialmo vs. Rahm: Cleared by CPD chief, Chicago cop's fate now in hands of Rahm-appointed board

Chicago police officer Robert Rialmo is fighting back against Rahm Emanuel. He’s launched this GoFundMe campaign and he needs your help now.

In December 2015, Officer Rialmo, 27, a former Marine, who saw combat in Afghanistan, was responding to a domestic disturbance call in Austin, one of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods. LeGrier, 19, who was out on bond on a pending felony aggravated battery indictment, charged at Rialmo, swinging a bat. Fearing for his life, after ordering LeGrier to drop the bat, Rialmo drew and fired his weapon and killed LeGrier.  Tragically, one of the bullets that hit LeGrier went through him and struck and accidentally killed Bettie Jones, 55, who was standing behind LeGrier.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is taking heat for his determination that Rialmo was “justified” in the killing of Quintonio LeGrier. In late March, Johnson rejected the Civilian Office of Police Accountability’s recommendation for firing Rialmo, saying “Officer Rialmo’s actions were justified and within department policy” when he shot Quintonio LeGrier.

In April, a Chicago Police Board member, appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, disagreed with Johnson’s decision and ruled that Officer Rialmo, who comes from a family of police and firefighters, will face potential firing by the full Police Board.  The nine-member Police Board includes eight Emanuel appointees, who could buckle to public pressure from social justice and angry Black Lives Matter activists. That decision could come this month. 

It wouldn’t be the first time Rahm Emanuel’s appointees have sided with liberal activists against the Chicago Police and that’s why Officer Rialmo is fighting back.

It’s a David vs. Goliath battle. It’s Rialmo vs. Rahm

Last December, Rahm ordered the City of Chicago to drop its plan to counter-sue LeGrier’s estate for Bettie Jones’ for the wrongful death of Bettie Jones, after the left-leaning Chicago Sun-Times attacked the plan in a cover story. Rahm even held a press conference and publicly apologized to LeGrier’s father, the father of the man who caused the death of Bettie Jones.

The counter-suit is telling; it means the City of Chicago’s Law Department faulted LeGrier – not Rialmo – for the death of Bettie Jones and now they are too afraid to say it publicly. They’d rather throw Rialmo to the wolves. 

Although he is not facing criminal charges in the shootings, Rialmo has been reassigned to desk duty. If the full Police Board rules against him, he will lose his $84,000 annual salary and his career as a police officer will end.

Rialmo is also battling misdemeanor charges after two drunks stole his coat and threatened him in a bar. The charges were filed three weeks after the State’s Attorney determined there was no case. 

To counter Mayor Rahm Emanuel, save his job, and clear his good name, Rialmo has launched a GoFundMe campaign. His campaign has raised nearly $16,000 with a goal of $50,000 – the amount needed to pay his legal bills, investigator fees, and court fees.

Rahm has a lot to lose in the Rialmo case. He’s up for re-election in 2019 and a ruling in Rialmo’s favor could hurt his re-election chances. This isn’t really about Officer Rialmo; it’s about Rahm.

Officer Robert Rialmo has put his life on the line to save others as a Marine, as a soldier in Afghanistan, who saw combat, and as a Chicago cop. None of that matters to Chicago’s social justice carnivores who are out for blood. None of that matters to Mayor Rahm Emanuel who wants to be re-elected to a third term.

If it matters to you, visit Officer Robert Rialmo’s GoFundMe page today. 

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