Despite Trump surge, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner blows it

Despite Trump surge, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner blows it

The Donald J. Trump earthquake has arrived, rattling the evil elite political ruling class of both parties to their very foundations. Correction, make that President-elect Donald J. Trump now.

Illinois’ “Never Trump” Republicans – led by Gov. Bruce Rauner – had their political asses handed to them last night. Gone is Sen. Mark Kirk, Illinois comptroller Leslie Munger, and Rep. Bob Dold. Rauner and all of his – cough, ahem – “republicans” (you know the ones, beholden to him for cash) didn’t just refuse to support Trump in Illinois, they attacked him. Dold even ran anti-Trump commercials in Illinois.

Other Rauner “republicans’ looked at their shoes and shuffled their feet, completely misreading the voter tea lives while they were doing Rauner’s bidding.

Watch Gov. Rauner attack Donald Trump and support Hillary Clinton in this video:

Rauner’s surrogates, John Tillman and Dan Proft of Illinois Policy Institute, followed Rauner’s orders. They didn’t support Trump. Even former Rep. Joe Walsh, who is bankrolled by Rauner’s donors, told Republicans in a secret meeting not to bother supporting Trump in Illinois.

Yes, Joe Walsh, where’s that musket when you need one?

This is why Trump supporters – real Americans – need to reform the Illinois Republican Party. That is why we need to get rid of the “Never Trump” Republicans even if they clap or smile now that Trump has been elected. They were not with us  – the people – when it counted. They didn’t really care about the will of the people and they never will.

You see, it wasn’t – isn’t  – in Rauner’s interest that Trump was elected. It did not matter to him that it was in America’s interest. This country is in the throes of a death spiral and America’s political elite – as long as their bread is buttered with taxpayer dough – was fine with that.

The Illinois GOP did make some local gains last night and they have the Trump surge to thank.  But, in the end, House Speaker Mike Madigan still has his majority and Illinois is still in stalemate. The top of the ticket Republicans tied publicly to Gov. Rauner lost by “yuge” margins. Rauner invested millions in Leslie Munger’s race because he needed her to win and Munger lost anyway. What does that say about Rauner’s support in Illinois?

The 2016 Illinois presidential political map tells the real tale. The Illinois Republican Party’s victory last night was all Donald Trump’s.

How things might have been different if Gov. Rauner and Illinois Republican officials had actually supported the GOP nominee for President instead of Hillary Clinton.

Will Illinois voters remember what the traitorous Gov. Rauner and his “Never Trump” Republicans did in 2016?

Count on it.

I sincerely hope that Donald Trump will help the real people of America take back their country. In 2016 and 2018, the real people of Illinois have a chance to take back their state and their Republican Party.


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