Don't be fooled by Rauner (or his GOP hacks) on Rahm recall bill

Don't be fooled by Rauner (or his GOP hacks) on Rahm recall bill

Don’t be fooled by the governor’s latest PR stunt on the recall legislation: Bruce Rauner has been buddy-buddy with Rahm Emanuel for decades and that hasn’t changed. It’s all more smoke and GOP mirrors.

Why did it take Rauner more than a month to criticize Rahm in this sinister 13-month cover-up of the Laquan Mcdonald shooting? Did the Governor and his staff not notice the $5 million payout to Mcdonald’s family passed by the Chicago City Council last April?

And why has the Illinois Republican Party – if you can really call it that – been so silent and submissive on Rahm? If the Republican Party was for real wouldn’t they have been out with hammer and tongs beating up on President Obama’s former Chief of Staff from day one? Wouldn’t they have mounted any effort at all to unseat him in the primary when it counted?

Recently, Dan Proft, one of Rauner’s many paid lackeys, has been talking up the recall bill effort but like every other member of the Illinois GOP only when it was fashionable to do so. Not until every member of the media – local and national  – had already condemned Rahm.

Ever since the scandal broke, the Illinois GOP leadership has been shuddering in dread of having to condemn its meal ticket, Rahm Emanuel, but was finally forced to by the weight of public opinion and authentic conservative voices like yours truly. (You’re welcome).

Not that it mattered or that anyone was listening but little tools like Proft supported Emanuel’s re-election just like Sen. Mark Kirk and Gov. Rauner did. Proft is the former spokesperson for corrupt Cicero president Larry Dominick and does a radio show nobody listens to on AM 560 WIND, paid for by one of his political donors.

Shame on Governor Rauner and his paid surrogates. We already have a Chicago mayor that lies. The people of Illinois don’t need or deserve a governor that does too.

Yesterday, Rauner told reporters he doesn’t even believe the recall legislation can apply to Rahm’s current term. How convenient. This is Rahm’s escape hatch. Rauner’s GOP surrogates have been citing the Illinois Constitution’s bar against Ex Post Facto laws.

But one constitutional scholar, who asked not to be named, says:

This kind of legislation would not violate the Constitution’s Ex Post Facto Clause, because the clause only applies to criminal penalties. Revising the process for recalling elected officials in no way functions as a criminal sanction, so I have trouble seeing how it might fall within the Clause, at least as it has been interpreted by the Supreme Court. My sense is that those who claim this as a barrier to the reform are calling less upon the legal effect of the clause and more upon the basic principles of notice and fairness that are the foundations of the constitutional rule.

Ex Post Facto does not apply to this recall legislation nor will it prevent it from applying to Emanuel’s current term. If such a mayoral recall effort were passed and successfully launched, Emanuel would likely challenge the recall application to his current term in court f it ever got that far. There are many legislative loopholes that might yet find their way into the recall legislation courtesy of Rauner & Co.

So why has the IL GOP been so weak-kneed on Rahm? Because something else is really going on here.

The day after Rauner’s election as governor, I remember seeing the Mayor at a charity event and he was literally clicking his ballerina heels and high-fiving people in the room. (A significant effort given Emanuel’s puny 5’7” stature).

Why was Rahm so enthusiastic about Rauner? It’s not just because they are best buds. It’s because Rauner is part of Rahm’s power play in Illinois; Madigan is an obstacle to Rahm’s monopoly on power. This is what Illinois GOP voters do not understand: This is not about Republican versus Democrat. This is about what part of the “Combine” has control.

Ironically, as much as columnist John Kass likes to talk about the Combine, he never once mentioned how Rauner is lock, stock, and political barrel wrapped up with all the baddies. Rauner has always been part of the Combine and GOP leaders don’t care because they just want money and power. That’s why the Illinois GOP is now controlled by Rahm’s biggest donor, Ken Griffin.

But let’s reduce this down to something even more basic: You have to wonder what kind of man would be besties with Rahm and would want to spend his holidays and vacations with him?

That is all the proof you will ever need: Rauner is not one of us.

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