KELLY TO GREG HINZ: Don't drop the ball on Mark Kirk like you did on Rahm

KELLY TO GREG HINZ: Don't drop the ball on Mark Kirk like you did on Rahm

You have to feel sorry for Chicago bloggers like Greg Hinz who feel it is their job to rewrite history. Last week, Hinz put his own revisionist spin on my cap-busting contribution in the Chicago mayor’s race.   He’s right: my $100K contribution to my campaign was a game-changer. It made sure that Rahm Emanuel had a run-off.

Hinz and other grunt reporters like Dan Milahopoulos and Bill Ruthhart are the ones that helped re-elect Mayor Rahm Emanuel by burying all of his administration’s scandals and failures. Yet they continue to play their schoolyard games with their potshots at me and my crusade for real reform. But that’s why their papers are failing. Why should voters read the small minded blather of  these idiots?

Hinz should focused on what is really important: my possible bid for U.S. Senate against Sen. Mark Kirk, who continues his march of embarrassment.

Sen. Kirk should just throw in the towel before it’s too late. I don’t know whether Kirk’s bizarre behavior is a result of the stroke he suffered in 2012 or because there has always been something “off” about him. I was criticized for comparing Kirk to the film, “Weekend at Bernie’s” but his crazy behavior invites that comparison. Two years before his stroke, Kirk was doing his finest Brian Williams’ impersonation. He was forced to apologize for lying about his Navy Reserve career, including that he served in the Gulf War, that he once commanded the Pentagon war room and that he came under fire while flying intelligence missions over Iraq.

The bold faced lies make it easy to believe that it isn’t remnants of the stroke that are responsible for Kirk’s “he’s [Lindsay Graham] a bro with no ho” statements.  He also got in hot water when he accused Obama of wanting to get nukes to Iran. And even Hinz had to ask whether  Kirk’s comments before the Senate Banking Committee were “over the top.”

This is the critical discussion members of the Chicago literati should be having. Hinz and other so-called members of the media owe me and the people of this State an apology. We don’t have anymore time for their childish games. Will the real reporters stand up? This State and country are in serious trouble and we need you.

I took this up with Crain’s editor Michael Ardnt and he agreed with me about the inaccuracies in the piece. He also agreed to print my response.

Here is an excerpt and a link to the full response:

Why are Chicago reporters so angry when corrupt political rule is threatened ? Aren’t they supposed to oppose the status quo? Sadly, Greg Hinz joined that pitiful media throng with his  blog item on my exploratory bid for U.S. Senate against Mark Kirk.

I find it hard to believe Hinz is a closet Mark Kirk fan, so why the sour grapes? Why the attempt to rewrite history about my $100,000 donation to my own campaign that busted the finance caps in the Chicago mayoral race?

Thanks to yours truly, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia finally was able to raise enough cash to deprive Mayor Rahm Emanuel of the 51 percent of the vote he needed to avoid a historic runoff election. I’m extraordinarily proud of my role in embarrassing Emanuel nationally. Prior to my donation, Emanuel and his PAC had millions in the bank from campaign bundlers and cash from firms that manage the city’s pension funds. Garcia had zero.

However, if Hinz truly wants to blame someone for Emanuel’s re-election, permit me to set the record straight:

1. Blame all three major papers in Chicago—the Tribune, the Sun-Times and Crain’s, which endorsed Emanuel for re-election not once but twice.

2. Blame Kirk, Gov. Bruce Rauner, billionaire Ken Griffin and Illinois GOP leaders for endorsing Emanuel and donating millions to his campaign.

3. Blame Chicago Forward, Emanuel’s super PAC run by former members of his staff. Chicago Forward quietly busted the campaign caps again, but only after Emanuel was forced into the runoff. Why didn’t it bust the caps in the lead-up to the Feb. 24 election? Because Emanuel wanted to avoid a runoff, and depriving Garcia of early campaign cash was key.

4. Blame the Chicago media for failing to aggressively report on the failures of Emanuel’s administration in violence, fake homicide statistics, mounting debt, failing pension funds, tax-increment financing slush funds, red light cameras, etc.


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